The Drs: Richard Simmons Diet Tips & Inspiring Weight Loss Stories


The Drs: Richard Simmons Diet Tips & Inspiring Weight Loss Stories

The Doctors welcomed fitness guru Richard Simmons and inspiring weight loss stories for 2013.

The Doctors: Weight Loss Tips For 2013

Are you working towards a weight loss goal for 2013? If so, you’re not alone. The Doctors featured a show completely dedicated to losing weight and getting fit. One doctor that knows a lot about this subject is Dr. Jim Sears. Did you know that Dr. Sears used to be overweight? He lost 45 pounds by tapping into his competitive side. Now, Dr. Sears competes in cycling and Iron Man challenges to keep the weight off.


The Drs: Richard Simmons

The Doctors welcomed a fitness icon who has helped thousands of people lose weight: Richard Simmons. Additionally, he’s maintained his own weight loss of 123 pounds for 40 years. Richard came out to meet the doctors cracking jokes, but he discussed weight loss topics that are very serious.

Richard believes that worth and self-esteem are the keys to losing weight. When a person hears negative comments about their weight, those thoughts stay with them and damage their self-esteem.


Richard and The Doctors met Shavonnah, a very pretty woman who just happens to be overweight. She has a great husband and two children, but she says she won’t even go shopping because she doesn’t feel like she’s pretty. Richard and the doctors wanted to help Shavonnah by sharing some inspirational stories about not just losing weight, but also improving self-worth.

The Doctors: Weight Loss Success Stories

The Doctors next welcomed a few guests who lost weight with the help of Richard Simmons. David lost 161 pounds, and his weight loss was jump-started when he switched from soda to sparkling water. Joanne lost 100 pounds by maintaining her goal of only five pounds lost per month. Lori lost 40 pounds by celebrating each pound dropped with a fun activity. Finally, sisters Iris and Marsha lost weight together: 125 and 107 pounds, respectively.

If these people can make changes in their lives and keep off the pounds, then so can Shavonnah (or you)!

The Drs: De’Shawn Lost 45 Pounds With Richard Simmons

De’Shawn first met Richard Simmons at a previous taping of The Doctors. Now, De’Shawn returned to share how Richard has changed his life. After meeting Richard, De’Shawn has lost 45 pounds. He sleeps better, looks better and feels incredible.

De’Shawn owes Richard a debt of gratitude for reshaping his life. “My whole attitude has changed because of you,” he told him. Richard became very emotional as De’Shawn explained how he became inspired to lose weight with Richard’s support.

Richard then got the audience up and moving with his song “I Wish I Could Fly.”


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