The Drs: ‘Heaviest Teenager In America’ Update + New Single


The Doctors: ‘Heaviest Teen In America’ + Joe Ostraszewski

Last season The Doctors introduced a young man who was arguably the heaviest teenager in America, and a man who was on a mission to fight obesity. The teen’s name is Justin and he’s a brilliant singer. Justin admitted that he never really ate healthy foods, and knew that if he stayed on the same path, he would eventually die. He felt like a burden on his family and his mother acknowledged that they had an addiction to food. Justin said he was ready for a change.


Justin and former football player Joe Ostaszewski joined The Doctors, revealing that Justin had since lost more than 100 pounds. Justi said he used to just eat whatever he wanted, but now, thanks to Bistro MD, his life has been turned around. Joe has also motivated Justin to become more active. Because Justin lost some of the weight, he his now cleared for surgery at Northwest Texas Hospital, who agreed to cover the costs for his bariatric surgery.

The Drs: 'Heaviest Teenager In America' Update + New Single

Justin, known as the heaviest teenager in America, joined the show to reveal how much weight he’s lost in the last year, and to sing his new single. ([email protected] / Flickr)

The Doctors heard that Justin was sleeping on a mattress on the floor, so Sleep Number was going to give him a brand new mattress and frame. Plus, Dr Caroline Cederquist, a board-certified bariatric physician, shared that Bistro MD was going to extend his program for another year.


The Doctors: Overweight Teen Sings New Single Live

The Doctors revealed that the video of Justin singing “Amazing Grace” on The Doctors’ stage has more than 1.7 million views. But Justin actually just recently recorded his new single. He said finding his purpose and pursuing it, has changed his life. The Doctors then asked Justin to step up and sing his new single for The Doctors’ audience, showing off his incredible talent. I truly got chills listening to his incedibly powerful voice come through the microphone.


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