The Drs: HealthyWage Weight Loss Betting Site & Sarah Wins $10,000


The Doctors: Betting On Weight Loss Improves Weight Loss

The battle of the bulge is something The Doctors are also talking about. They always have new diets to try, new super foods everyone should eat and tons of new exercises you can do from any position, even sitting. But it seems like the only thing they needed to do to help people lose weight was give them some kind of financial incentive.

A new year long study by the Mayo Clinic found that people who were given a financial incentive to lose weight lost more weight than people who were not given an incentive. They also found that people who had more to lose, lost more weight. For example, one group in the study was given $20 every time they met their weight loss goal while another group had to pay $20 if they didn’t meet the goal. While both groups lost weight, the one who had to pay money if they didn’t reach their goal lost more weight.


The Drs: HealthyWage Weight Loss Betting Site & Sarah Wins $10,000

The Doctors talked with a woman who won $10,000 using the weight loss betting site HealthyWage and said she is keeping the weight off after the bets are over.

The Drs: Healthy Wage Review

One of the biggest weight loss betting sites is The website has a number of different categories people can enter to win some money for their weight loss.

  • 10 Percent Challenge – People are able to wager up to $150 and if they are able to lose 10 percent of their body weight in six months, they have the chance to double their money.
  • BMI Challenge – People can bet up to $300 and if they are able to take their BMI from obese to healthy in six months, they have the potential to win up to $1,000.
  • Group Challenge – Each group member can bet up to $375 and the team with the most weight loss in so much time can win $10,000.

The website is able to keep track of your weight loss through weight loss centers it has partnered with to get an accurate reading.


The Doctors: Sarah Won $10,000 On Group Challenge

Sarah called in to The Doctors to talk about how she loved betting on her weight loss. She said she joined the site and signed up for the group challenge with her husband and three brothers. She said she loved competing in the challenge because it was fun, it gave her a chance to work out with her friends and she lost some weight along the way. Plus the incentive is great, she said.

“It is a huge carrot and we all need a carrot,” said Sarah, talking about the prize money.

Before Sarah got off the phone The Doctors wanted to know if she won the grand prize of $10,000 for her team but she didn’t know just yet she said. Lucky for her, Dr. Travis Stork called the site and revealed to her that her team had won the $10,000.


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