The Drs: Denise Austin Side Effect Skinny & Flaming Spa Treatment


The Doctors: Denise Austin Side Effect Skinny Review

The Drs: Denise Austin Side Effect Skinny & Flaming Spa Treatment

The Doctors talked with Denise Austin about her book, Side Effect Skinny, met one woman the book helped and they talked about a flaming spa treatment. (Rena Schild /

Denise Austin stopped by The Doctors today and she was a ball of energy as usual. And for some reason she wouldn’t stop telling people to touch her abs.


Anyways, Austin was on the show to talk about her new book, Side Effect Skinny, a book that teaches women they do not have to give up everything they love to be on a diet. They simply have to tweak the lifestyle they are living now to make it healthier. For example, when on a diet you do not have to give up French toast. You can make it with just egg whites which cuts down on calories significantly.

Austin also had some great exercises to show everyone on the show. She said all the exercises she showed today, and all the exercises in her book, are all compound exercises. They were made to work numerous muscles at one time, meaning you get a full workout and it will only take you seven minutes every day.

Check out some of the exercises she taught to the audience in the video below, and you can also meet Cheri who lost 40 pounds on the diet and said she loves following all the weight loss tricks in the new book.


The Drs: Flaming Spa Treatment Review

If someone told you they have the best spa treatment in town, would you go check it out? What if the spa treatment involved getting set on fire? The Doctors took a look at the newest beauty trend in China called a flaming spa treatment. The person getting the treatment has a cloth laid on them, on different locations of their body at times, and the spa technician lights the cloth on fire for a few seconds before putting out the fire.

Obviously this is very dangerous and The Doctors could not believe people were actually allowing someone to literally light them on fire. They pointed out the numerous dangers with getting lit on fire, one of them being how close the fire is to the person’s head. Dr. Travis Stork said if the person in the video they watched had any product in his hair, it could have caught on fire and caused some severe burns.

“We use heat for a lot of things but it is usually controlled, like with a laser,” Dr. Andrew Ordon said. “With the flame, you can get injured easily.”

Although all the doctors agreed applying heat to the muscles is a smart thing to do before a massage, they did not think it was smart for anyone to be set on fire just to relax some muscles. Check out how crazy these flaming spa treatments look in the video below.


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