The Drs: CoreScan Fat Test Review & Visceral Vs Subcutaneous Fat


iScan Body Fat Scan Review

The fat that sits between your organs is called Visceral Fat, and it can lead to many medical problems, even in people who aren’t obese. Tamara is a lifelong snacker, and her penchant for candy bars and cookies has contributed to her weight gain. She said she knows the stomach is a dangerous place to have Visceral Fat, and she is concerned because diabetes runs in her family, on both sides.

Visceral Fat Vs Subcutaneous Fat

Dr. Travis Stork said if you pinch your belly, that’s Subcutaneous Fat. But visceral fat is below that, inside your abdomen, up against your internal organs.


The Drs Iscan for Body Fat

The Drs Iscan for Body Fat

CoreScan Body Fat Test

Dr. Mary K. Oates joined Tamara and Dr. Travis to explain a new body scan that helps to analyze body fat. First, the patient undergoes an iScan Total Body Scan. Then special CoreScan software analyzes and break down the types of fat in the patient’s body.

Tamara laid face up on the machine, which uses low dose radiation. A large wand scanned her body from head to toe, measuring Tamara’s body fat, muscle mass, and bone mass. The entire scan took under a minute, and Dr. Oates discussed the results.


CoreScan Review

Dr. Oates said patients often think the body fat scan is an inaccurate picture of their bodies, when in fact it’s highly accurate. She focused on Tamara’s hips, noting that she had solid bones. Tamara had 111 pounds of muscle on her frame, but she had 40% body fat, which is 11% higher than is ideal.

Dr. Oates continued to explain the results, saying that half of Tamara’s body fat is around her waist, with a full 2.2 pounds of Visceral Fat wrapped around her internal organs. Dr. Oates said this is four times the amount of body fat that healthy women who exercise regularly tend to have.

The Doctors: Visceral Fat & Diabetes

Tamara was concerned about her family history of Diabetes, and Dr. Oates explained that Visceral Fat can definitely contribute to Diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Travis said the good news is Visceral Fat can be easy to lose with lifestyle changes, like exercise. In addition, you can limit saturated fats in your diet, substituting fresh foods instead.

Dr. Oates said the CoreScan is great for measuring improvements and progress over time. It can measure changes in body fat as well as muscle by comparing scans over time.


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