The Drs: Cherry Juice Sleep Drink & Extra Sleep Vs Workout


The Doctors: Sleep & Cherry Juice

I know I’m not the only one in the audience who has trouble getting to sleep at night. Which drink before bed will help you sleep better? Is it Red Wine, Cherry Juice, or Chamomile Tea?

The audience shouted out their guesses, but the surprising answer is Cherry Juice. Dr. Lisa Masterson said it’s a myth that tea helps you fall asleep, but there’s no scientific evidence to back this up.


The Drs: Cherry Juice Drink

Drinking Cherry Juice can help you get a good night's sleep.

The Drs TV: Cherry Juice vs Wine For Sleep

Dr. Andrew Ordon said wine is a sedative hypnotic, so it can make you feel drowsy, but it does not lead to a good night’s sleep, because it interferes with REM sleep. Dr. Lisa said a University of Michigan study found that women have less restful sleep when they drink wine before bed.

Cherry Juice helps you get good sleep at night. Tart Cherry Juice does not have added sugar, and a study found that it led to 39 more minutes of good sleep, and a 6% increase in sleep efficiency. Dr. Travis Stork explained that there is Melatonin in cherries, which naturally helps you get to sleep.


The Drs TV: Extra Sleep Vs Workout

Sleep and Exercise can each have a big impact on your health. But if you’re having trouble sleeping, or don’t have time for everything on your To Do list, should you sacrifice an hour of sleep to hit the gym in the morning? Or is it best to get your rest and skip the workout?

Dr. Travis Stork showed the effects that each of these activities has on the body. Exercise produces Dopamine and leads to more efficient body functions. Your blood pressure stays lower for most of the day after you work out. Fat cells shrink, your body devours glucose, and exercise can even protect your DNA from damage.

Skipping sleep can have negative effects on your body. Hunger hormones Grelin & Leptin get out of balance. Grelin makes you more hungry, while Leptin makes you less hungry. Skipping sleep makes you more hungry and tells your body to produce more Cortisol, causing headaches, making you feel tired, and adding pounds to your waistline.

Constantly shaving hours off your sleep could eventually lead to Heart Attacks. Sleep & Workouts are both important. Dr. Travis’s advice is not to get up an hour early to exercise if it’s going to make you exhausted for the rest of the day. The Doctors agreed that sleep comes first, especially when you are worn out or exhausted.

The Doctors: Strength Training Vs Cardio For Weight Loss

Suzan & Lorna want to know whether Strength Training or Cardio is better for their body types. Dr. Travis said that Strength Training will give you the body you want.

Myths about weight lifting tend to push women more toward cardio, but those who do Strength Training will burn 100 more calories a day than those who don’t. You want to increase your metabolism, and Strength Training tones muscles and burns calories, during and after your workout, even while you are sleeping.


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