The Drs: Charles D’Angelo Think And Grow Thin Review & Gluttony Gene


The Doctors: Gluttony & Genetics

Weight loss is one of the most popular topics of conversation among Americans. You may have heard the excuse that it’s genetic, but before you dismiss the notion, you should check out the new research surrounding the so-called Gluttony Gene. This segment also featured the life changing story of weight loss coach Charles D’Angelo, author of Think and Grow Thin.

The Drs TV: Gluttony Gene & Overeating Medical Causes

Think And Grow Thin & Gluttony Gene: The Doctors

While The Doctors questioned whether a Gluttony Gene could cause overeating, Charles D'Angelo outlined his weight loss plan, Think And Grow Thin.


While we typically think of overeating as the result of habitual behavior or emotional issues, new research suggests there could be another factor at work. Did you know that a so-called Gluttony Gene could be tricking your body into never feeling full?

This breakthrough research could lead to the development of medications to fight obesity by signalling the brain that your body is full and it’s time to stop eating.

Is Overeating Genetic?

“We’ve known for awhile that some people struggle with weight gain more than others,” Dr Travis Stork said. This Georgetown University medical study found that the Gluttony Gene will cause people to continue eating after they should be full.


This genetic mutation in mice disrupted communication between the brain and the digestive system. Identifying this gene and circumventing this disconnect could make great inroads against the growing obesity epidemic.

The Doctors: Charles D’Angelo Weight Loss

Charles D’Angelo used to weigh 360 pounds and realized that he might not live to see life beyond high school. One day, he hit rock bottom and had a breakthrough. He decided to stop procrastinating and turn his life around.

Over the next two years, he lost 160 pounds of fat. His whole life changed when he took charge and stopped making excuses. Now he helps other people do the same thing.

Think And Grow Thin Review

Charles D’Angelo joined The Doctors to talk about his inspiring story and his book, Think and Grow Thin. Dr Lisa Masterson said his positive attitude seems to be contagious.

He said that his mindset is his biggest secret to success. “How to recondition the way you think about food and the way you think about exercise,” he said. “Until you develop a healthy relationship with food, you continue to be in this defeat whirlpool.”

Dr Travis Stork noted Charles’ serious arm muscles, and after a little audience applause, the weight loss coach lifted up his shirt. He even let Dr Lisa feel him up to prove that his muscles were real.

Charles D’Angelo: The Clinton Foundation

Former president Bill Clinton met Charles D’Angelo after hearing success stories from friends who’ve benefited from the program.

The Clinton Foundation works to fight America’s obesity epidemic, and Charles D’Angelo reported that America’s population of overweight children has ballooned 258% since the 1970s.

The Doctors: Charles D’Angelo Wedding Makeover

Lulu admitted that her fast food habits and lazy lifestyle have gotten her stuck in a rut. She starts and quits diets. She has procrastinated for a long time, but she wants to get herself together before her wedding.

Charles made a house call to help Lulu remake her life. Her goal weight is 145, and Charles coached her to change her food routine. He suggested six meals a day, with snacks between the major meals to stay healthy without starving yourself.

He suggested getting her walking and changing the way she has thought about food. He told her she can break her bad habits in about two weeks.

Charles D’Angelo Weight Loss Diet Results

In the audience, Lulu shared her takeaway from working with Charles. “The only way I can achieve this goal is by leaving all my old bad habits and starting fresh,” she said.

Dr Travis cautioned that people shouldn’t expect to give up their positive habits and lifestyle changes after big goal dates, such as a wedding. Charles said, “you shouldn’t only be excited about outcome, but of who you become because of the outcome you set.”


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