The Drs: At-Home Full Body Exercises + Head Lice Device


The Doctors: At-Home Body Weight Exercises

A large percentage of those who make New Years resolutions, will abandon them after just a few weeks or months. The Doctors enlisted the help of fitness trainer PJ Stahl to kick off a New Years fitness program that is easy to stick to, even if you have a busy schedule. To maximize your workout and get the best results, double your workout with compound moves like a dumbbell reverse lunge with shoulder press. When performing a lunge, make sure your front knee is aligned with your heel, forming a 90 degree angle. You back leg should be at 90 degrees as well.


Second, use plyometric exercises, which are explosive, powerful movements. Jumping or bounding, like the in and out squat jump can help get your heart rate up. Third, don’t forget about your core, which is most imporant! Start in a push-up position with your feet out wide for stability. Alternate lifting one arm up and reaching as far as you can, while holding your body stable. Keep your shoulders over your hands and your hips locked in to avoid rotation.

The Drs: At-Home Body Weight Exercises + Head Lice Device

To help you stick to your New Years resolution, The Doctors revealed a few great at-home body weight exercises. (ggvic / Flickr)


The Doctors: Clean & Organize Your Home

If your New Years resolution involves cleaning and organizing, try tackling just one room at a time to get every corner of your home! Home was the word of the day and you can use the word home to enter for a chance to win the Shark Blast and Scrub 2 in 1, to make cleaning easier.

What’s your New Years resolution? How do you plan on sticking to it?

The Doctors: New Device For Head Lice

Finally, The Doctors shared their News in 2:00, first reporting that as temperatures fall, more layers are needed. But winter weather can also cause a spike in lice infestation among school children. As kids swap scarves and hats, they could be passing along head lice. Lice Clinics of America is now offering an alternative to pesticides and lice combs to kill lice and eggs. Scientists at the University of Utah created a comb-like device that dehydrates and eliminates head lice in just one hour using dry warm air.

The Doctors: Motherhood & Happiness

Popsugar is a global media company that produces content helping women live healthier lives. The company recently conducted a survey among moms under the age of 49 about happiness and motherhood. Approximately 46% of moms say “having healthy children makes them happiest in life.” The survey also found that 53% of moms are exercising less because they don’t have enough energy.

The Doctors: Online Weight Loss Program Through Health Insurance

United Health Group has offered an online interactive weight loss program called Real Appeal to combine interactive celebrity videos, live online discussions and customized personal coaching to support people with weight loss goals. The program is free for those who’s employers offer the program through their health insurance plans.

The Doctors: Freeze Your Tights

For The Doctors Prescription of the Day, The Doctors suggested running a brand new pair of tights under cold water until they’re damp. Then put them in a gallon-size freezer bag and freeze them. The next day, let them thaw out and reportedly, the fiber will be strengthened to make them less likely to tear and rip.


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