The Drs: 30 Day Walking Challenge & Health Benefits from Walking


The Doctors: 30 Day Health Challenge

The Doctors already challenged two women to try a 30 day vegan diet challenge and the women loved it. They lost weight, they were sleeping better and they can feel the energy in their body sticking with them all day. We all know switching to a healthier diet can help improve your health, but could walking for 30 minutes every day for a month, have similar benefits? You will be shocked by the results on the next page…


30 Day Walking Challenge

The Drs: 30 Day Walking Challenge & Health Benefits from Walking

The Doctors asked one woman to try their 30 day walking challenge and she loved it. She lost weight and get all her energy back.

Megan hates getting ready in the morning. She would much rather sit around and do nothing all day then have to get up for work in the morning but she is sick of feeling that way. She told The Doctors she recently made some big changes in her life by getting married, moving across the country and changing career and now she wants to change her lifestyle and her body.

The Doctors asked her to try their 30 day walking challenge, asking her to simply walk as slow or fast as she wanted every day for 30 minutes.


Megan gave the challenge a shot. She started walking to the bus station instead of taking two buses, one to get to the station and the other to get to work. While it was difficult at first, Megan said after about two weeks she was feeling great. She told The Doctors she lost 11 pounds simply by walking and she wasn’t as tired as she used to be in the morning. She was actually waking up before her alarm and looked forward to her walk to work. The results of her walking were so evident even her husband started walking with her hoping to get in better shape as well.

Benefits of Walking 30 Minutes a Day

The Doctors said walking 30 minutes every single day has some awesome health benefits. You can actually lower your risk for heart attack while burning calories and losing weight.

“You didn’t even need to buy anything expensive,” said Dr. Travis Stork. “You just had to put your shoes on.”

For being such a great participant, The Doctors sent Megan to Cal-A-Vie Resort in California.


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