The Doctors: Weight Loss Secrets A To Z


The Doctors: Weight Loss Secrets A To Z

Today’s show kicked off with The Doctors in workout gear on stationary bikes. The entire audience also had workout equipment. The front row was cycling, while others were on balance balls or resistance tubes. That’s probably a smart way to watch TV and get your cardio in at the same time.

Dr. Travis Stork: Aerobic Exercise

Today’s theme of Weight Loss Secrets A To Z kicked off with the letter A, for Aerobics. It’s also known as cardiovascular exercise. It increases your heart rate, burns fat, and delivers more oxygen to muscles, Dr. Travis Stork explained.


The Doctors: Weight Loss A To Z With Richard Simmons

Fitness guru Richard Simmons joined The Doctors to talk about Determination & Energy. (Image Credit: worldswildlifewonders /

Dr. Jim Sears added that just 75 minutes a week can decrease your risk for some cancers and diabetes. This includes vigorous aerobic activity such as jogging or cycling. Dr. Travis Stork said you can eat a banana or add electrolytes to your water to keep yourself from getting dehydrated.

Ruth Zuckerman: Flywheel Sports

Ruth Zuckerman is the woman behind Flywheel Sports, which promotes spinning and cycling classes. She called this her anti-aging secret. You can burn 600 to 800 calories in a 45 minute spin class.


She showed off some spinning moves, such as the standing jog. Changing your bike settings varies the incline and speed to customize your workout. You can find out more at

Dr. Lisa Masterson: Balance Ball Benefits

B is for Balance, and the Balance Ball is a great way to get your core and abs strong, said Dr. Lisa Masterson. Dr. Travis Stork said you can use them throughout your day, at your desk or while watching TV at home.

Audience members demonstrated some balance ball exercises. Dr. Travis Stork said not to let the ball move around. Keeping it stationary ensures that your core is doing the work.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: Cutting Calories

C is for Calories, and Dr. Drew Ordon said we can all cut back on those. “A calorie is the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of a liter of water one degree,” Dr. Ordon explained.

The higher calories foods have, the more working out you need to do, to burn it off. Dr. Travis Stork said average Americans eat 300 more calories than they need each day. That’s almost 110,000 calories a year. If 3,500 calories equal one pound, that comes out to an average gain of 31 pounds per year.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said women generally need about 1,800 calories per day, and men need around 2,000 calories. But it varies with each person.

The Doctors: Richard Simmons

Dr. Jim Sears visited the always abrasive Richard Simmons, who was dressed like a half-naked clown but did have some motivational tips. Richard Simmons said you should always know your worth, visualize your success, and give yourself compliments.

Richard Simmons used members of his workout classes to illustrate these ideas. All of them had lost at least 100 pounds. Back in the studio, Richard Simmons joined The Doctors to freak out the audience, who was still busy working out. He ever brought some tacky shorts and insisted that Dr. Travis Stork change into them backstage.

The Drs TV: Richard Simmons Classes

E is for Energy. Richard Simmons said that it comes from feeling positive about your life. Dr. Travis Stork came back onstage in his too-short shorts, which Richard Simmons said were vintage, from 1979. Richard Simmons said balanced meals and lots of water are other ways to boost your energy.

Richard Simmons also said that you have to work the body daily to get results. He praised The Doctors for walking the walk and talking the talk.

Dr. Travis Stork: Staying Flexible

Dr. Travis Stork said fear often keeps people from starting an exercise program. But F is for Flexibility, which becomes more important as you age. He said you can do simple stretches that will help you work out and gain flexibility at the same time.


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