The Doctors: Weight Loss Motivation Or Fat Shaming?


The Doctors: Fat Shaming Or Motivation?

The Doctors shared a video of a drill sergeant that has many people wondering where to draw the line between fat shaming and motivation. John Burke had a message for overweight people, making it clear he wasn’t going to accept them for who they are. “You’re personality might be beautiful, but your body is not,” John says in the video.

He added that he finds it “utterly repulsive and disgusting” when someone is overweight “because it shows a lack of self discipline.”


John recognized that there are certain medical conditions that can cause you to gain weight but said most people just try to come up with some excuse for why they are the way they are. John tried to encourage people to lose weight and turn their lives around in order to set a good example for their children.

The Doctors: Weight Loss Motivation Or Fat Shaming?

The Doctors shared a video created by a drill sergeant hoping to motivate people to lose weight, but is it fat shaming? (Slimmingtipsblog / Flickr)


The Doctors: Drill Sergeant Trying To Motivate Overweight People

John Burk actually joined The Doctors in the audience and explained that he was trying to motivate people to make changes in their lives. He said he got a huge response on his fitness page of people making excuses rather than making necessary changes to get healthier, and he “got fed up with it.” He said he noticed society making excuses more and more. He then shared that he was in the army but then became overweight before turning his life around. “It’s how bad you want it,” John said.

John clarified that the sedentary lifestyle is what is disgusting to him, and said he doesn’t believe the human body is made to sit on a couch and do nothing. Dr Travis Stork said he agreed with some of his comments in the video, but not others, but knew he was just being a drill sergeant. Dr Jennifer Ashton said for some people, the video was more “right message, wrong execution.”

The Doctors: Motivation To Lose Weight

Dr Ashton then made a point to say that the least contributing factor to obesity is willpower. She said there are many other factors that contribute to obesity or being overweight. Dr Stork said at the end of the day, if you want to lose weight, you have to determine what works for you. Dr Rachael Ross said the video just hurts some people’s feelings which doesn’t help motivate them, it just makes them feel worse.

What do you think about the video? Do you think it’s motivating or is it fat shaming?

The Doctors: Celebrities Promoting Health Products

The Doctors then moved on to talk about celebrities using social media to endorse health products. Dr Stork said the trend has gotten a little out of hand, reminding everyone of when Kim Kardashian posted a picture on Instagram endorsing a prescription medication for nausea during pregnancy. Dr Stork was most concerned about NFL quarterback Russell Wilson’s recent tweet about Recovery Water, claiming it helped prevent him from getting a concussion.

Dr Ross said the problem is that these people aren’t posting about the risks or potential side effects. The Doctors said as a buyer, you need to know that everything isn’t always as it seems. Would you try a prescription or medication just because a celebrity endorses it?


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