The Doctors TV Show: Shake Weight & Vibration Training Benefits


The Doctors TV Show did a show called “All Shook Up – Why Your Body Shakes.”  From why your hands shake to how to lose weight through vibrating and shaking, The Drs TV Show covered everything that involves shaking, shimmying and shivering. The Doctors Shake Weight Dumbbell

The Doctors: Shake Weight

Ok, so realistically, most of us cannot afford the Power Plate Pro 5 Vibrating Exercise Machine, but The Doctors gave us another option to try out which is a weight that you shake called the Shake Weight.  It comes in two varieties – the Shake Weight for Women and the Shake Weight for Men.  The Doctors (plus a lady from their audience) demonstrated how to use the Shake Weight by shaking the weight back and forth to burn off calories and to build muscle.  Dr Lisa Masterson said that it is actually pretty light, so it should not be too hard even for smaller women .  The Shake Weight gives a great upper body workout, which Dr Lisa said is an area that women often neglect, but it is a great area to focus on if you need a little extra help with losing weight.  And, at under $30, the Shake Weight is definitely worth trying out.  Imagine how many calories you could burn by just keeping the Shake Weight next to your remote control so that while you are watching tv or at least during commercials, you could pick it up and shake off your extra weight!



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