The Doctors TV Show: Power Plate Pro 5 Vibrating Exercise Machine


The Doctors TV Show did a show called “All Shook Up – Why Your Body Shakes.”  From why your hands shake to how to lose weight through vibrating and shaking, The Drs TV Show covered everything that involves shaking, shimmying and shivering. The Doctors Power Plate

The Doctors: Power Plate Pro 5 – Vibrating Exercise Machine

The Doctors started off their show by demonstrating how to use a really cool machine called the Power Plate Pro 5 Machine, which is a Vibrating Machine that celebrities like Courtney Cox swear by.  The Power Plate Machine has a platform that vibrates and you incorporate the vibrations into your workout.  You engage your abs by just sitting on the vibrating platform.  Some of The Doctors said it feels nice, like a little massage.  Dr Lisa Masterson said it made her butt itch and other comments were that the machine makes you sound like Gumby when you talk.  But, in all seriousness, Dr Lisa said that the Power Plate is great for a woman’s balance and muscle strength – there are actually a lot of health benefits of vibration training.


The Doctors: Vibrating Exercise Machine Moves

A few exercises that The Doctors demonstrated using the Power Plate Pro 5 include the following:

1.       Do The Plank – this is the exercise where you support your body on your arms and keep your body completely flat like a plank.  By doing The Plank on the Power Plate, you build up your arms, chest and core.

2.       The Easy Man – lie flat on your back with your calves on the Power Plate and lift your head a little off the ground to engage your core.  In addition to getting a great calf massage, this is a great workout for your body and lower back.


I have received tons of messages from everyone wanting to know more about the Power Plate and more exercises you can do with it.  I will do my best to get my hands on a Power Plate so that I can provide you with a complete review with more exercise tips, so stay tuned!



  1. dr randa ibrahim says

    yes i completely agree with the doctors cause i use this machine n i realize that i got my body back

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