The Drs: Three-In-One Fat Loss Procedure + Grocery Bulk Bin Germs


The Doctors: Roast, Bake & Shake For A Better Body

The Doctors were intrigued by the claim that you can “roast, bake, and shake your way to a better body” so they set out to find out the real deal. Three women were self conscious about their bodies and desperate for a solution, so Dr William J. Schweitzer used three different procedures to see if they could help the women. First was BodyFX which uses radio frequency heat to tighten skin. Then, he used a cold laser to melt fat in their trouble areas. As for the “shake” the women then stood on vibration plates to stimulate lymphatic flow to metabolize broken down fat products from the other procedures.


Dr Schweitzer explained that he found, in his office, that if you take a great fat-reduction procedure and add a second great procedure to it, the results are better than a single procedure. His patients have been loving it, and those three women in particular absolutely loved their results. One even lost fifteen pounds, but credited the procedures to encouraging her to be more active and eat healthier. Another woman lost a couple inches, while the third lost nine inches from her midsection overall. Combining those three treatments costs $500 per session, and most patients need 6-8 sessions, occurring once a week.

The Drs: Three-In-One Fat Loss Procedure + Grocery Bulk Bin Germs

The Doctors took a closer look at how performing three procedures within one session can help you slim down and lose inches. (tipstimesadmin / Flickr)

Will you consider trying your own “roast, shake, and bake” session?


The Doctors: Are Women Over 50 Invisible?

Columnist Valerie Monroe wrote a segment in “Oprah” magazine titled “What It Feels Like to Stop Getting Noticed.” Her first-person account tells about the time she first felt invisible. Studies have suggested that women over 50 often feel invisible, so what are women in her shoes supposed to do? Valerie joined the show via Skype, explaining that she was at an art fair when she noticed that men were paying attention to the women in her 20’s sitting next to her, ignoring her entirely. Dr Andrew Ordon pointed out that Valerie shouldn’t feel the need to compete with women who are years younger than her, and she explained that it was more about having a sense of yourself and understanding who you are, even though the culture is reacting to you differently. No one should put all of their sense of value into how they look.

Do you think that women past a certain age suddenly become invisible?

The Doctors: How Clean Are Grocery Store Bulk Bins?

Bulk bins can certainly help you save money, but could those food products actually be covered in germs? The Doctors swabbed the scoops, chocolate covered almonds, dried fruits, and nuts from bulk bins at three different types of grocery stores, a high-end health food store, a farmer’s market, and your average grocery store. ABC Labs tested the samples and found the majority of them came back clean! They found a mold-like substance on the almonds at the high-end health food store, but in most cases it won’t make you sick. Always be cautious of how clean your hands are when touching those types of things!

Hands was the word of the day and you can use the word hands on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win The Rock by Starfrit three-piece nonstick cookware set.

The Doctors: Jimmy Carter No Longer Needing Cancer Treatment

In The Doctors’ News in 2:00, it was reported that when Jimmy Carter was diagnosed with brain cancer last summer, he didn’t think he had much time to live. But in December, the former President of the United States proudly announced he was cancer-free after radiation, surgery, and an immune-boosting system. Now, Carter has told his Sunday school students in Georgia that he no longer requires treatment. Experts believe that the system, Keytruda, is a “game-changer” for patients with melanoma. A spokesperson from the American Cancer Society confirmed that Carter was treated with the relatively new immune-boosting drug, and the decision to discontinue treatment was “based on individual evidence specific to the President and made with his doctors.”

The Doctors: Lena Dunham Ruptured Ovarian Cyst

Lena Dunham is now home after undergoing surgery for a ruptured ovarian cyst. Dunham has been very outspoken about her endometriosis condition. Last month, the 29-year-old cancelled promotional events for her show because of a flare-up, tweeting “I am currently going through a rough patch with the illness and my body (along with my amazing doctors) let me know…that it’s time to rest.”

Following her surgery, Lena posted to well-wishers saying she was safe and recuperating. Lena has revealed that she’s always wanted to be a mom, but because of her condition, it may be hard for her to have them naturally. She did say that she’s open to adoption.

The Doctors: Kim Kardashian West Back Injury

Kim Kardashian West has posted that she’s thrown her back out, although didn’t explain how. She used the condition as an opportunity to add Kimoji of herself crying to go along with her post about her injury.

The Doctors: Blow Dry Your Kale

The Doctors ended their show with a little tip for making even tastier kale chips. Blow dry your kale before putting it in the oven, and they’ll come out crispier and delicious!


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