The Doctors: Surfset Fitness Workout Review | Chicken Pox Season


The Doctors: Surfing Exercise Trend

Surfing is a great way to get exercise, because it strengthens your core as well as providing you with an aerobic workout. But for years, surfing has been confined to the coasts, because you need ocean access to really make it work. However, a new fitness trend could be changing all that. The Doctors highlighted Surfset Fitness that you can try anywhere, any time of year.

Nick from Surfset Fitness said this trend is taking hold at gyms around the country, and it simulates the benefits of a surfing workout without getting you wet (except from sweat, I guess). Nick guided Dr Lisa Masterson and Dr Jim Sears through some of the moves involved in the workout.


The Drs: Surfset Fitness Workout Review

The Drs: Surfset Fitness Review

With Surfset Fitness at the leading edge of the surfing workout trend, you can get the exercise benefits of surfing without ever going near the water.

There is a special surfboard apparatus that looks like the surfing equivalent of a Bowflex. It’s the key to getting the cardio workout benefits from Surfset Fitness. Nick demonstrated how you can simulate paddling using weights, and even stand up on the board to practice balance and stability exercises that tone the core and leg muscles.

It looks like quite a workout, and Dr Lisa and Dr Jim seemed to be hanging on to avoid embarrassment, until they got to sit down and do an ab exercise on the board.


Surfset Fitness: Duck Dive Exercise

Finally, Nick taught everyone a Duck Dive exercise that targets arms and love handles, toning the upper body as well. Dr Lisa said this is a great workout for women to target and tone in a fun way, as compared to typical gym routines.

Does a gym in your area offer the Surfset Fitness program? You might want to ask about this and see about trying it out for yourself.

The Doctors: Chicken Pox Season

You’ve heard of flu season and allergy season. But what about Chicken Pox season? Is this something that’s predictable based on the time of year? At least one viewer wanted to know, and pediatrician Dr Jim Sears had the answer.

“Chicken Pox actually peaks in late winter, into spring. The highest months are March and April,” he said, acknowledging that cases drop off dramatically during the summer.

As for Spring Break air travel, you shouldn’t fly with your child while he or she is contagious.

“Chicken Pox is contagious for about two days before the rash starts till about seven days after it starts, when all those lesions are all scabbed over,” he said. Dr Sears added that most airlines have policies about this to protect other passengers, especially pregnant women and elderly passengers.


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