The Doctors: Super Shred Diet by Ian Smith + Calorie Disruption


The Doctors: What The Heck Did You Eat All Week?

Weight loss is a hugely popular topic for The Doctors and their viewers. Connie and Frank are one couple that admits they are overweight and cannot stop eating foods they know are bad for them. Dr Ian Smith introduced the couple to his new Super Shred Diet.

Connie said they love carbs and sugar, and she thinks they might be addicted. The good news is that these two seem to love one another, but they know they enable each other when it comes to unhealthy eating.


The Drs TV: Food Eaten in a Week

The Doctors got involved by journaling a week’s worth of food and taking pictures of everything. How much food do you think you consume in a single week? The couple joined The Doctors team onstage.

The Doctors: Super Shred Diet by Ian Smith + Calorie Disruption

Dr Ian Smith helped a couple from the audience jump start their healthy lifestyle makeover with his Super Shred Diet, a new calorie disruption program. (Debby Wong /


“You have so much going wrong that it’s going to be easy for you to go right,” Dr Ian Smith said, recommending some small changes to get started. “The volume is outrageous,” he said, which is one problem he saw in the couple’s menu.

Some foods are wasted calories, such as bagels with cream cheese, which can have 250-300 calories. But Smith said that a meal when you are attempting weight loss should be around 350-400 calories. Juice cocktail is bad news as well, because it contains many added sugars.

The Doctors: How Super Shred Diet Works

Connie once had bypass surgery and lost 150 pounds. Then she quit smoking, which is when she said she gained back 30 pounds. Ian told her she was eating through her bypass surgery. However, “you’re not going to lose weight if you feel deprived,” Smith advised.

The couple agreed to commit to a plan to change their lifestyle and embark on a healthier path. Dr Ian Smith recommended his new Super Shred Diet, which he said is “a healthy crash diet,” admittedly an oxymoron. This is a plan to lose 20 pounds in four weeks through calorie disruption and negative energy balance, which would dip into the body’s fat cells.

The Drs TV: Retrain Your Stomach & Gym Membership

Snacks of 150 calories or less mean you can have your favorite sweet treats in moderation. The first phase of the plan is to retrain the stomach to eat less in each sitting. The couple admitted that they eat when they are not hungry, which is another habit that they need to change.

Dr Ian said that diets should be simple, inexpensive, and straightforward. Exercise is another piece of the puzzle, so The Doctors gave the couple a one-year membership to Crunch gym.


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