The Doctors: Slacklining Tightrope Fitness Core Workout Review


The Doctors: Super Bowl Tightrope

For the first time this year, The Doctors went outside the studio for a special story. Remember the wild tightrope performance during Madonna’s Halftime Show at the 2012 Super Bowl?

It was one of the buzzed about moments from that performance, and it’s also an example of a new fitness trend. That’s why The Doctors are outdoors, to see a performance of this Slacklining Fitness Workout.


The Doctors: How To Learn Slacklining

The Doctors got a professional demonstration and safety tips for how to learn Slacklining.

The Drs TV: Slacklining Fitness Review

From Gibbon Slacklining, Frankie Najera joined The Doctors to talk about the health benefits of this workout. This practice involves balance and coordination, which means it’s probably not for everyone.

World champion Mike Payton showed off some of his moves, and the show warned everyone watching not to try his stunts at home without professional guidance. Who knew that this was a competitive sport?


Slacklining Competition Sport

Frankie explained that they’d set up a competition height line for Mike’s demonstration. He said you can set up a line at your gym, park, or between trees in your yard. That sounds dangerous, and definitely doesn’t account for the supposedly required professional guidance.

Mike does have some great moves on the Slackline. Frankie explained that the basics include simply learning to walk, and more advanced moves include the flips and tricks we saw at the Super Bowl, as well as twists and butt bounces Mike was showing off.

How To Learn Slacklining

Frankie explained that he and Mike are devotees of Slacklining, and they did not transition from other acrobatic or balance sports, like gymnastics or skateboarding.

“Anyone can try this,” Dr. Travis said. He asked Frankie to give viewers tips for trying Slacklining at home. So they’re telling us not to try this at home, but giving us instructions on how to do it? That is a spectacular mixed message.

Slacklining Safety Tips

Frankie recommended keeping your line low to the ground. “You never want to set it up higher than your waist level,” he said.

He suggested knee height level for beginners, and The Doctors suggested helmets and pads for safety.

Dr. Jim Sears Learns The Ropes of Slacklining

Dr. Travis cajoled Dr. Jim Sears into giving Slacklining a shot. Frankie volunteered to teach him a basic move. Dr. Jim sat sideways on the line, learning to bounce on the line.

The professionals helped Dr. Jim stand up on the Slackline, and he struggled but was able to maintain his balance. Frankie said practice would help him strengthen his leg muscles and prevent him from shaking so much.

Gibbon Slacklining Workout Review

Dr. Travis said that Slacklining could be a great core workout, working a variety of muscle groups.

Click here to purchase a Gibbon Classic Slackline and get started with this new workout.

Be sure to follow all safety instructions and consult a professional before attempting this. Use at your own risk.


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