The Doctors: PT 24/7 Review | New Billy Blanks Workout


The Doctors: Billy Blanks Tae Bo

Remember Billy Blanks? Remember Tae Bo? Yeah, me too. Whatever happened to all that? The Doctors investigated, and the most noticeable change since the last time you saw Billy Blanks is that he looks much older. Did he stop doing his own routine? At any rate, he has created a new workout, which seems to just be resistance bands. Here is what The Doctors shared in their PT 24/7 review.

The Drs: Cardio Resistance Bands

PT 24/7 Review: The Doctors

The Doctors shared a PT 24/7 review of the latest workout from Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks.


During the commercial break, Billy had The Doctors team strap into his resistance bands. What makes them special is that they strap to your feet and wrists, so you don’t have to stay in one place while you’re working out.

He had The Doctors do his triangle pose, to relieve neck stress. Billy said this is a common mistake with most resistance band workouts, which put more tension on the neck. He suggested resting your elbows against your body.

PT 24/7 Review: Billy Blanks New Workout

Then he took The Doctors through some boxing moves from his routine, showing off how he incorporates the arms and legs, giving you more range of motion in the workout. The audience seemed impressed, and I guess Dr Lisa Masterson deserves some credit for doing all these moves in a dress and lab coat.


The Doctors sashayed back and forth across the stage, counting off the moves that Billy Blanks taught. Dr Travis Stork said this is a workout that almost anyone can do, as long as they are cleared by a doctor first. He pointed out how easy it is to adjust the resistance of the bands and customize the workout.

Billy Blanks PT 24/7 Workout

For applauding at The Doctors exercise attempts, the show’s studio audience received a Billy Blanks PT 24/7 workout kit, which includes a workout DVD, resistance bands, and specially designed boxing gloves.

Would you try the PT 24/7 Workout? Maybe you have already tried it. Share what you think about it in the comments section. The Doctors liked it enough to keep going it as they went to the commercial break.


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