The Doctors: Power Walking Vs Jogging & Free Flexor Review


Jillian Michaels: Power Walking Vs Jogging

Can power walking burn as many calories as jogging? Jillian Michaels was backstage to find out whether this is myth or reality. Also, The Doctors shared their Free Flexor review of the TV fitness product. But first, Jillian had Paris and Nathaniel on separate treadmills. Paris was power walking, while Nathaniel was jogging. They both had the same weight and age, and both were going at four miles per hour.

Jillian Michaels hooked them up to heart rate monitors to track how many calories they would burn in a 30-minute time period. At the end of today’s show, she revealed the surprising results of the experiment.


The Doctors: Jogging Burns More Calories

Free Flexor Review & Power Walking Vs Jogging: The Doctors

The Doctors learned what burns more calories: power walking vs jogging. Plus, a Free Flexor review of the new flexible dumbbell.

Though a significant percentage of the audience believed that power walking could actually burn more calories, Jillian’s test found that jogging was the better workout.

Paris, the power walker, averaged a heart rate of 116. He burned 220 calories in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, Nathaniel jogged for 30 minutes with a heart rate of 143 and 324 calories burned.


Dr Travis said if you love power walking, it’s still good exercise. Jillian said the thing to take away from this is that intensity is what burns more calories.

“If it feels a little bit harder, that means you’re working a little bit harder,” she said.

The Drs TV: Free Flexor Review

Have you heard of the Free Flexor for Men, a flexible dumbbell? The Doctors shared a commercial for the product, which claims to work muscles from multiple angles, instead of the one type of exercise you get from standard weights.

The Doctors all gave it a try, and Dr Andrew Ordon seemed to think he was getting a good workout. Dr Travis said he didn’t think the workout was for him, but any type of workout you enjoy is a good thing.

“Muscle strength really is about resistance, and how much resistance you’re able to move,” he said. “Whatever gets you to move, great.”

Everyone in the studio audience got a Free Flexor to take home, but you can buy one for yourself online.

The Doctors: Grapefruits Weight Loss

The Doctors busted myths and separated fact from fiction on their show. They even took questions on Twitter, including one from a viewer who wondered if Grapefruits can help you lose weight.

Jillian Michaels said that there is no scientific basis for that claim, though some studies suggest that Grapefruit lowers the body’s insulin levels. Diet and exercise are the ultimate keys to healthy weight loss.

“There’s no such thing as one food that’s going to cure all your ills,” Dr Travis Stork said.

The Drs TV: Cramping After Running

Another viewer emailed the show about her running coach. She said her coach told her never to bend over and rest after a run, because this could cause cramping. She wondered if this is true.

Jillian Michaels said she bends over to rest, even though it’s not good for her. It doesn’t cause cramps, however. Dehydration, low potassium, or electrolyte imbalance can all cause cramps. Try getting Coconut Water or a Banana before your workout.


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