The Doctors: Papa Joe Loses 250 Pounds Walking & 99 Cents Only Diet


The Doctors: Papa Joe Loses 250 Pounds Walking

The Doctors already sent one women on their 30 day walking challenge to learn the benefits of walking 30 minutes everyday for a month but their next guest already knows the benefits.

House music recording artist Papa Joe lost over 250 pounds in just 18 months simply by walking.


The Doctors: Papa Joe Loses 250 Pounds Walking & 99 Cents Only Diet

The Doctors talked with Papa Joe, a house music recording artist who lost 250 pounds in 18 months simply by walking and following his 99 Cents Only diet.

His transformation began in 2001 when he was just blocks away from the World Trade Centers when they were attacked. It was at that moment, Papa Joe decided to move to Los Angeles where he could start fresh and pursue his dream of entertaining people for a living.

The Drs: Papa Joe Weight Loss Results

Papa Joe began working at a video store in LA when a producer told him he liked his voice and wanted him to record a song, which Joe happily did. He recorded the song “Live It, Love It Now.” After the song released, the producer asked Papa Joe to come back into the studio to shoot a video. It was at that point Papa Joe realized how big he had gotten. He said watching himself in the video made him cry. It broke his heart so much he knew he had change so he started with his fridge that day. He threw everything unhealthy and the next day he began walking.


Just 18 months later, Papa Joe was 250 lighter simply from walking. But it wasn’t just himself who pushed him to walk every day. He said everyone in his neighborhood supports him, from the small business owners who cheer him on as he walks by to fellow walkers who give him the motivation to continue.

“The sidewalk is my treadmill,” said Papa Joe.

Dr. Travis Stork said it was amazing Papa Joe was able to lose so much weight by walking but he said this is the type of transformation anyone can make. While Papa Joe said it was mostly walking that got him to his weight today, he also relied on a healthy diet as well and it didn’t cost him much.

99 Cents Only Diet

According to Papa Joe, eating healthy does not have to make you go broke. To help him lose weight he followed his only 99 Cents Only Diet. He would get all the essentials he needs at the 99 cent store.

One of the cheapest and simplest meals he likes to buy is rice and black beans. The meal is simply to make, he can make it in bulk, store in in bulk and when he wants something on the go, all he needs to do is toss some of the rice and beans into a Tupperware container.

Papa Joe Blog Inspires Others to Lose Weight

Papa Joe has been inspiring others to lose weight with his blog where he shares healthy tricks and tips as well as his music.

“I am like the Tony Robbins of music,” he said.

Papa Joe also said he is going on a nationwide tour later this year and asking people to walk with him. Before all his stops he is asking people to walk two miles with him before they enjoy his performance.

He said he wants to walk with as many people as possible because he does not want anyone in the position he was in. While he was not taking medications, Papa Joe said he had high cholesterol, high blood pressure and he was at risk for diabetes and heart attack.

“I was two cheeseburger away of getting those diseases,” he half joked.

“House music plus walking equals a happier you,” he told the audience before he treated everyone to a performance.

If you haven’t seen Papa Joe perform, you can watch him perform for The Doctors in the video below.


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