The Doctors: Nexercise App Review – The Best Exercise Tracking App


The Doctors: How To Lose An Unhealthy Guy in 10 Days

The Doctors have begun a new season and they have started it with a topic everyone needs to work on; staying healthy.

The Doctors asked girlfriends and wives to reveal their guy’s bad habits, so The Doctors can get the couples on the right track to a healthy lifestyle. One of the first topics discussed was the harms of a sedentary lifestyle, which The Doctors say can make the chance of death increase by 40 percent if a person sits for more than 11 hours a day.


The Doctors: Nexercise App Review - The Best Exercise Tracking App

The Doctors reviewed the Nexercise App. Is it the best exercise tracking app? (1000 Words /

Michael is an overweight guy who needs help from The Doctors on turning his unhealthy lifestyle around. His wife wants him to play more with the kids and exercise more, but Michael says after working 80 hour weeks he doesn’t feel like doing anything but sitting on the couch. But The Doctors are here to help him change.

Lack of Exercise Causes Erectile Dysfunction

As Dr. Drew Ordon said, not exercising can cause erectile dysfunction, among a lot of other problems including, increased risk of disease, increased risk of diabetes and weight gain among many other things.


The Doctors: Nexercise App Review

Dr. Jim Sears shared some of his favorite apps for exercising. Dr. James Sears also said there are apps out there that can be used for nearly anything. He brought up an app called “Nexercise” on the show, which calculated how far someone would run, swim or walk and let the user know how much exercise the person had done in a single day. Dr. Jim Sears said he lost ten pounds using it at a camp he runs. And to motivate people to continue pushing themselves towards new goals, the app even gives fun awards like the “sporty” award or the “above and beyond award.”


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