The Doctors: Lose Weight By Using Cash Instead of Credit Cards


The Doctors TV Show was focused on the topic of “Your Health In The Headlines” today – meaning that they covered many of the topics that are hot and controversial right now.  The Drs TV Show spoke about an article in the Journal of Consumer Research that said that people who pay for food in cash instead of with their credit cards may be healthier and lose more weightThe Doctors Lose Weight By Paying With Cash.

The Doctors TV Show: Lose Weight by Using Cash

The Doctors said that by paying for food in cash, you are more likely buy healthy foods because it is more painful to pay in cash, so it is harder for you to buy junk food.  Most junk food purchases are impulse buys, so when you know you only have $20 to spend, you are less likely to buy it than if you are going to put everything on your credit card, in which case it does not matter how much you spend because it works like magic – or so people think.  People have gotten into big trouble with credit cards and racking up debt, so this is another reason to consider paying in cash.  The problem is that food is expensive – how often do you go to the grocery store and spend less than $100?



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