The Doctors: Johnny Depp Blue Sunglasses Trick & Weight Loss Belt


The Doctors: Blue Sunglasses Curb Appetite?

Could the colors you’re seeing affect your appetite? The Doctors talked about the Chocolate Cake Diet and revealed Drop 10 Diet Snacks in their episode on shrinking your waistline. Next, they discussed how colors affect our appetite and desire for food. It may sound crazy, but did you know that the color blue is a natural appetite suppressant?

The Doctors all tried on blue tinted sunglasses, and Dr Jim Sears explained that Blueberries are the only naturally occurring blue food, which is why “our bodies aren’t trained to see blue and get hungry,” he said. You can also eat food from blue plates or add blue accents to your kitchen or dining room to see if this trick works for you.


The Drs: Johnny Depp Blue Sunglasses

The Doctors: Johnny Depp Blue Sunglasses Trick

The Johnny Depp blue sunglasses trick is reportedly a weight loss strategy. Would you try it? (Featureflash /

Actor Johnny Depp was shown wearing blue glasses in a file photo, because he was reportedly attempting to lose weight for a movie role. I don’t know if the fact that a celebrity tried it makes it more of a wacky fad or more likely to produce results; after all, it’s not like Johnny Depp has ever seemed to be overweight.

If the color blue curbs the appetite, what colors should you avoid? Red and Yellow are appetite triggers, as you can see on the signs and logos of fast food restaurants. That’s marketing psychology for you. Now that you know what they’re up to, do you think you’ll be more resistant to their ploys?


French Weight Loss Secret: Wear A Belt While Eating

Dr Travis Stork said that French women are famous for their slender figures. He shared one of their alleged weight loss secrets that’s easy for anyone to try. Supposedly, women wear a belt while they are eating meals.

“Reportedly, they’ll tighten it up a little bit, under their clothes, before their meal,” he said. “It’s as much a mental thing as anything else.”

Dr Travis said that Americans are more likely to rely on external clues or the behavior of other people. He suggested listening to internal cues from your body to satisfy your hunger, and stop before you’re stuffed.


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