The Doctors: Insanity Workout by Shaun T: Full Body Sculpting System


The Doctors TV Show did a show called Health Trends for 2011, where they covered tons of interesting trends for health and fitness this year.  One of the interesting products shown on The Drs TV Show today was something called The Insanity Workout, which is a Full Body Sculpting System created by Shaun T.

The Doctors TV Show: Insanity Workout

Dr Travis Stork tried out some of the moves of the The Insanity Workout.  Shaun T said that the The Insanity Workout can help you transform your body in just 60 days.  As part of the system, there are different nutrition plans The Insanity Workoutfocused on your personal goals (such as losing, gaining, or maintaining your weight).  Shaun T said that the workout is made up of doing 3 minute cycles of as many reps of a given exercise as you can.  So, two people can be at two totally different fitness levels, but both of them will still get a great workout.


The Doctors: Insanity Workout

Dr Travis did an amazing job of keeping up with Shaun T’s The Insanity Workout, and here are a few of the moves that they did:

1.  Run in place while keeping your core muscles contracted.

2.  Moving Push-Ups – do push-ups two times moving to the right and then two times moving to the left.  Shaun T, what about people that are not able to do a push-up?  You know … like those of us that do “girly” push-ups currently?!


3.  Power Jumping – this is an explosive movement where you jump as high as you can bringing your knees up and landing with your butt pushed out in the back.

Shaun T gave everyone in The Doctors Audience their own copy of the Full Body Sculpting System called The Insanity Workout!


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