The Doctors: Fitness Wave Hydrostatic BMI Tank & The Fresh Diet


The Doctors: Fat Mom Krissy

Viewer Krissy is a married mother of two who has struggled with being overweight all her life. After college, she lost 85 pounds in a year. But after getting married and having two kids, she has lost control of her weight and calls herself an emotional eater.

Krissy wants to teach her children healthier habits. She is 41 years old and is afraid of the health problems that come along with her weight. Dr. Travis Stork praised her openness and honesty and asked what’s holding her back.


The Doctors: Fitness Wave Tub

Krissy's body fat is more than twice what is recommended for her height.

She admitted that she used her children as an excuse not to deal with her weight. She also said she uses food as a reward or to celebrate. She compared her struggles with food to drug addiction.

The Doctors: Obesity Diet

Krissy said today was her father’s birthday. He died 12 years ago, the day Krissy and her husband returned from their honeymoon. He also struggled with weight and health problems. Krissy said she does not want to be a fat mom anymore.


Dr. Travis Stork showed Krissy a video message from her mother, who called her courageous and praised her for taking advantage of the opportunity she has to take control of her life. Krissy’s mother Tina surprised her by showing up on set to support her daughter.

The Drs TV: Obesity Snapshot

Dr. Travis Stork shared the basics of Krissy’s situation. She weighs 265 pounds, more than 100 pounds overweight. Her LDL cholesterol, which would ideally be below 100, is at 104. This can lead to heart attack and stroke, which is what happened to her father.

Krissy’s ideal blood glucose level would be between 70 and 99. Hers is at 104, which indicates pre-diabetes. Dr. Stork said that means now is the time to take action, adding that she has control to make changes in her life. He said she could probably reverse these trends without medication.

The Drs TV: Fitness Wave Hydrostatic Body Fat Tank

David Shannon of Fitness Wave joined Krissy and Dr. Travis Stork. In water, your fat will rise to the top, which is the basis behind the Hydrostatic Body Fat Tank. It compares your dry weight to your wet weight to determine your body fat percentage.

Krissy laid in a water tank, suspended on a scale, and submerged herself to help David Shannon determine her body fat percentage. Dr. Travis Stork revealed that her body fat is 44.1%, which means she has 117.3 pounds of fat on her body.

The Doctors: The Fresh Diet

Morbid obesity is defined as more than 40% body fat. Krissy’s ideal body fat is 22%, which means she needs to cut her body fat in half. Dr. Travis Stork told Krissy that they are going to help her work toward her goals. She will be receiving free personal training and fresh food from The Fresh Diet.

David Shannon also offered free Fitness Wave body fat tests to monitor her progress throughout the year. Krissy promised to return to the show with updates on her progress.


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