The Doctors: Fit After Fifty, Nitric Oxide & Intermittent Fasting


The Doctors: Staying Fit After 50

Is there any reason that you can’t do the same things you did back in high school? The Doctors think not! On August 30, they highlighted ways to look and feel just as great as you did back then.

A viewer, Virginia, is seventy-five years old and wrote in to the show looking for advice on staying fit. Her friends are interested in playing bridge and bingo, but Virginia does not want to engage in typical “old lady activities.” What’s an older, but still active, lady to do?


The Doctors: Basketball with the “Granny League”

Fit After Fifty & Nitric Oxide: The Doctors

The Doctors shared advice on how to stay fit after age 50, and whether nitric oxide supplements are effective.

Dr Stork had the perfect story for Virgina, or anyone who is looking to stay active as they age. There is a group of women, aged fifty and older, who participate in an annual “Granny League Jamboree.” Dr Stork met with two of the group’s members, sisters Marge and Arlene, two star athletes who love basketball. The Doctors decided to go head-to-head with the ladies, but not before welcoming NBA veteran Kiki Vandeweghe to shoot some hoops along with them! Needless to say, Marge and Arlene definitely held their own, even against a basketball pro.

The Doctors: Nitric Oxide Supplement Review

Next up, Jordan wrote in to the Doctors and asked if nitric oxide supplements are a good way to build muscle. Most importantly, how safe and effective are they? To put nitric oxide to the test, the Doctors visited the Crossfit-Eagle Rock Gym, and owner Paul Austad, who conducted an experiment with three of the gym’s athletes.


Michael, Luke, and Christian all conducted a workout without any enhancements, and their results were recorded. Later in the week, Michael was given a placebo, Luke a green tea extract, and Christian the nitric oxide pill, and the same workouts were repeated. Did the results change? The Doctors took a look.

Before examining the experiment’s outcome, Dr Stork explained that the idea behind nitric oxide supplements is to relax the blood vessels in order to increase blood flow. Michael, who was given the placebo, saw no change. After taking green tea extract, Luke was able to perform fifteen more reps than in his first workout. The real shock came from Christian, who with the nitric oxide, was able to perform sixty-nine more reps than before, jumping from 75 to 144. The nitric oxide is the undisputed winner.

The Doctors: Does Nitric Oxide Really Work?

Dr Stork stressed to viewers at home that not everyone should expect such a dramatic increase in results from any supplement. To find out more, the Doctors chatted via satellite with exercise researcher Dr Michael Joyner. Dr Joyner believes that there is definitely evidence that nitric oxide can improve athletic performance. However, Beet Root extract can also be used as a nitric oxide supplement. It has a lot of nitrates, which are converted to nitric oxide by the body. The same effect can be gained from eating beets or drinking beet juice. There is even some evidence that spinach and dark chocolate can have the same effects, naturally.

Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Diet – Does It Work?

For more information on staying fit, the Doctors took a look at a home video from Jared in Florida. Jared has lost an astonishing seventy pounds over the last year, and he has done so with the help of intermittent fasting. He skips breakfast in the morning, and while it’s obviously been effective, he wanted to know if fasting was a smart way to continue losing weight.

Decreasing calories can obviously cause weight loss, but is it the healthiest in the long run? According to the Doctors, no. Dr Sears pointed out that studies have shown those who don’t eat breakfast are more likely to be obese. It has clearly worked for Jared, but Dr Stork said that he cannot recommend fasting as an effective way to lose weight for the masses.


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