The Doctors: Fat Smash Diet Review & Qnexa Diet Drug Controversy


The Doctors: Qnexa Side Effects

The Doctors shared news reports about the controversy surrounding the weight loss drug Qnexa, which kept the drug off the market for two years. Now regulators have decided to approve the drug, despite the potential for heart problems and pregnancy complications.

Dr. Travis Stork said his impression is that public pressure led to this reversal. He said the side effects of weight loss treatments are typically horrible. Dr. Lisa Masterson added that heart problems are a common issue with weight loss medication.


The Doctors: Diet Drug Side Effects

Long term use of diet drugs can have dangerous side effects and may not lead to lasting results.

The Drs TV: Drug Companies & Lobbyists

Of course, there is a lot of money on the table, and if you read between the lines you’ll know that The Doctors were dancing around the topic of lobbyists who have probably been working overtime to push this drug through the approval process.

“It’s a huge amount of money, because that’s what everybody’s looking for,” Dr. Andrew Ordon said, “a quick way to lose weight and deal with their obesity.”


Quick Fix Diet Pill Dangers

Dr. Ian Smith said that quick fixes are usually temporary, and unless you make lifestyle changes with diet and nutrition, any effects will be quickly reversed through bad habits.

“You cannot treat a lifestyle illness with a pill and have the results you want,” Dr. Travis said. He also provided some background on one of the ingredients in Qnexa, which caused a laundry list of side effects and reactions, including dizziness.

Qnexa Side Effects & Ingredients

The list went on and on, as Dr. Travis noted that this anti-seizure medication was included in the Qnexa recipe simply because researchers discovered it can cause weight loss. With side effects like abnormal vision, mood disturbance, fevers, and many more, who is approving these drugs for the public?

“We’re teaching people that obesity should be treated with a pill, and that pills are the answer,” Dr. Travis complained. “At some point we need to just stop and take a big step back.”

Weight Loss Pill Addiction

Jessica is a 22-year-old woman who told The Doctors she’s addicted to weight loss pills. She takes six pills every day, and she has dropped 75 pounds in two years. She also diets and works out regularly, but credits the pills with helping her achieve these results.

Of course, there are side effects. She complains of Heart Palpitations and feels anxious and jittery. But she isn’t interested in putting weight back on, so she wants The Doctors to give her some advice.

Jessica Pill Weight Loss

In the audience, Jessica explained that this diet pill habit has become a compulsion, and she’s been increasing her dosage over time. She said she is constantly shaking and heart palpitations and other side effects are disrupting her sleep.

The Doctors wondered why these side effects haven’t motivated her to change her approach to weight loss. “I’m scared if I stop taking them, then suddenly I’m going to balloon back up to where I was,” she said, concluding that staying thin was more important to her than the negative side effects.

Dr. Ian Smith was shocked to learn that Jessica is not under a doctor’s care. “I believe that, before you do any of these things, you should at least have your doctor check them out,” he said. “Preventative care is so, so critical in these particular cases.”

Zoc Doc Online Service

Dr. Ian mentioned the Zoc Doc website, which allows patients to book preventative care for free online. You can visit for additional information; Dr. Ian also promised a gift to the first 1,000 visitors.

Dr. Ian recommended that Jessica take these steps so a physician can monitor her Blood Pressure and other internal effects of the diet pills she’s taking, so it doesn’t affect her long term health.

Over The Counter Weight Loss Drugs

With so many diet pills and other medications on the market, you probably have no idea what you are taking. Dr. Travis said that one advantage of a medication like Qnexa, as opposed to over the counter weight loss drugs, is that Qnexa is a prescription medication that is monitored by your doctor.

Dr. Travis recalled the popularity of Ephedra about a decade ago. But well known athletes died from Brain Hemorrhaging as a side effect of medication. Jessica said she knows she needs to make some changes for her long term health.

The Fat Smash Diet Review

Dr. Ian agreed to help Jessica get off the pills, with his book, The Fat Smash Diet. “It’s a four-phase program that teaches you how to eat better,” he said. “You smash those bad habits.”

Since Jessica is so motivated, he expected she would be successful in changing her habits. She and the entire studio audience received Dr. Ian’s book.

Click here to read The Fat Smash Diet by Dr. Ian Smith.



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