The Doctors: Devon’s Weight Loss Journey


The Doctors Weight Loss Warning

Last season, a family shared their weight loss struggles with The Doctors. Dr. Travis Stork looked back at the family’s journey so far on the show. Devon weighed 470 pounds, and his family ate a high fat diet. His father feared that Devon would have a heart attack like he did. His mother was also worried about his health.

The Doctors: Devon's Weight Loss Journey

Devon weighed 470 pounds and in four months is on the road to success after losing over 100 pounds.


The Doctors TV Show: Fresh ‘N Lean

Devon’s body mass index was over 60; over 30 is considered obese. He also had extremely high blood pressure, just like his father and mother. Dr. Travis Stork asked them to commit to changing their lifestyles.

The show arranged for a personal trainer to work with them for a year. Also, Fresh ‘N Lean pitched in one year’s worth of healthy meals.

Jillian Michaels: Devon’s Diet

Devon has lost 108 pounds in the four months since he last appeared on the show, going from a size 60 to a size 48 waist.He can exercise and enjoy amusement park rides. He has replaced ice cream with fresh fruit for dessert.


His mother Kim said he has a lot more confidence. Devon called the personal training sessions very inspiring. Trainer Robert said the family has been through a lot.

His father, Butch, recently got laid off from his job and admits to cheating on the diet. Mom too said she has reverted back to some of her comfort foods, and has been having some medical issues that interfered with her ability to exercise.

They all expressed hope and positivity about the changes so far, and the results yet to come.

Dr Travis Stork: Family Diet

The family joined Jillian Michaels and Dr. Travis Stork in the studio to give an update on their progress. After four months, it’s clear that Devon is doing well. He said he has more energy and feels better about himself as a person.

Father Butch has also lost 38 pounds and has been taken off of his medications. “It’s better to open up a bottle of vitamins than a bottle of medicine,” Butch said.

Kim’s blood pressure was through the roof during her last appearance on the show. She has lost 20 pounds in four months, which Dr. Travis Stork said is at least a pound a week. Her blood pressure is now 128 over 80, which is out of the danger zone.

The Doctors: Casual Male XL

Jillian Michaels said that Devon went from a size 6X to a size 4X in four months. One of his goals was to shop with friends and fit into normal clothes. She surprised him with a new wardrobe from Casual Male XL in his current size. As an additional surprise, the show gave him two full racks of clothes in his goal size. Jillian Michaels encouraged Devon to continue working to achieve his goals.

The Drs: Lane Bryant

Trainer Robert was in the audience and said he knows Devon can continue to get results. Casual Male XL also gave Butch $250 for new clothes. And Lane Bryant gave Kim $250 toward her new wardrobe.

Dr. Travis Stork thanked the family for sticking with their goals, and made them promise to keep everyone updated on their progress.


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