The Doctors: Crossfit Trainer Exercises – Box Jump & The Thruster


How to do Crossfit Exercises

The Doctors received an email from a women named Monique asking The Doctors for help. She wrote in her email that her husband would not work out, going so far as to say he was allergic to working out. Allergic to working out? The Doctors knew they needed to help her get her husband in shape. And The Doctors knew Crossfit was the way to go.

The Doctors: Crossfit Trainer Exercises - Box Jump & The Thruster

The Doctors had a Crossfit Trainer teach some easy at-home exercises including the Box Jump & The Thruster.


The Doctors: Crossfit Exercises

The Doctors called in a Crossfit Trainer who gave the couple a few exercises they could easily do at home. The first he described, as he asked for house music to start playing, was the Box Jump. He explained it is as simple as finding a box that can sustain your weight and simply jumping onto the box and off again. A great simple, exercise. The second exercise he showed the couple was called the Thruster. The person doing the exercise can use a pvc pipe or shower rod which they should hold in front of them, stick out their butt and thrust the bar above their head.

The Doctors: Workout Buddies Are Important!

The Doctors explained that it can be really hard to exercise alone and finding a buddy to exercise with can increase the chances of getting in a great exercise. For Wendell, Monique’s husband, The Doctors called his friend Joe who said he was willing to use positive reinforcement to get his buddy to the gym. As Dr. Stork put it, exercise with your friends and make exercising fun.


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