The Doctors: Carnie Wilson Lap Band Over Bypass Weight Loss Surgery


The Doctors: Carnie Wilson

Carnie Wilson, of the musical group Wilson Phillips, has made no secret of her lifelong weight struggles. She hit her heaviest point in 1999, weighing in at 300 pounds. That’s when she decided to undergo Gastric Bypass Surgery, taking off 150 pounds in a single year.

But since that time, she’s been putting weight back on. After two years of making no progress in her fitness goals, Carnie Wilson recently decided to go back to the operating room for a second procedure, as dramatized in her new TV Guide Network reality series, Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On.


Lap Band vs Bypass Weight Loss Surgery

Singer Carnie Wilson explained her decision to get a second weight loss surgery, Lap Band Over Bypass. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb /

The Drs TV: Carnie Wilson Weight Loss Surgery

Carnie Wilson sat down with all The Doctors to talk about why she’s so public about her weight struggles, and why she did a second surgery.

“I had a Lap Band put on over my Gastric Bypass, so I guess you would call that a Band Over Bypass,” she said. The surgery took place January 18 2012. “I decided that this year was going to be the year to get healthy.”


Carnie is a mom now, and she wants to take care of herself so she can be there for her kids. Now she’s taking control of her health again. Over the last two years, she has been struggling with food again, and said that she’d been falling back into old habits like snacking too much.

The Doctors: Carnie Wilson Second Weight Surgery

“I needed intervention again, and I’m not ashamed to say that,” Carnie Wilson said. “There’s nothing that I should be ashamed about getting healthy.”

Dr. Travis Stork recalled that her initial surgery in 1999 helped her lose half her body weight, and her lowest weight was around 150 pounds. She had gotten back up to around 235 before her latest surgery, and she said she felt the weight a lot more this time around.

The Drs TV: Carnie Wilson Weight Loss Diet

Carnie said she doesn’t care if people criticize her for getting surgery, because she’s focused on her health. Dr. Travis liked that Carnie is realistic about her future: “It’s still up to you to make the lifestyle changes that are necessary,” he said, pointing out that weight loss surgery alone isn’t enough to make a difference.

She said it’s a misconception that weight loss surgery does the work for you. She’s changed her eating habits, eliminating sugar and white flour and focusing on healthier options. “This is hard work, but I want to do this for the long hall,” Carnie said. “I want to change the way I live my life, forever. Forever: that’s the goal.”

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