The Doctors: Boot Camp H2O Review & Water Core Workout Class


The Doctors: Thin Summer Secrets

The Doctors spent the day counting down their greatest weight loss advice and secrets to help you stay in shape this summer and year round. From Richard Simmons and the Paper Plate Workout to Seaweed Bread and more, there was something for everyone. For their next innovative weight loss secret, you’re going to have to find a pool near you. The Doctors sent Dr Jim Sears to share a Boot Camp H2O review of the water workout.

The Drs: Water Resistance Workouts

The Doctors: Boot Camp H2O Review

Dr Jim Sears put a water core workout to the test & shared his Boot Camp H2O review of a popular new intense water exercise trend.


Drinking water is often recommended as a way to lose weight. But did you know that exercising in the water is also a great health tip? Dr Jim Sears said you can burn 600 calories per hour in a class such as Boot Camp H2O. There are added health benefits to working out in the water, and Dr Jim found that it was very easy on his joints, even after an hour of high intensity core workouts.

“Boot Camp H2O is a swimming-based fitness program that’s compared to Crossfit or Navy SEALs training,” according to its founder, Lana Shapiro.

The Doctors: Boot Camp H2O Review & Water Workout

Dr Jim put himself to the test by taking the class. It began by focusing on the core with “10 minutes of dry land ab exercises,” Lana explained. Then it was time to get in the water, treading water and tossing a medicine ball back and forth.


Pull Ups, sprinting, laps and resistance weights were also parts of the class. He reported that it was fun and difficult, which made for a great workout. Back in the studio, Lana reported that Dr Jim hung in there with his classmates.

“This has the ability to really kick your butt,” Dr Jim said, saying that teamwork was a key to the one-hour class. “At the end of that hour, I was sore and…I was tired, but all my joints felt perfect.”

Dr Jim said that despite the tough extremes of the class, he’s excited about giving the class another try. Dr Travis Stork even gifted Dr Jim with a Speedo for his next water workout.


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