The Doctors: At-Home Body Weight Exercises To Blast Fat


The Drs: At-Home Fat Blasting Workout

The Doctors aren’t accepting any more excuses for not working out, and welcomed celebrity trainer Latreal Mitchell to share how you can blast fat inside your own home. Latreal said all you need is your body weight to work out, and began by sharing some great moves to try today.

The Doctors: At-Home Body Weight Exercises To Blast Fat

The Doctors enlisted celebrity trainer Latreal Mitchel to share her best at-home body weight exercises to get you in great shape. (bods / flickr)


First was the squat jump. To do a squat jump, bend at the knees and make sure all your weight is back on your heels, not your toes. Hold your hands in front of your chest, then jump up, and land back down into that same squatting position.

The Drs: Tone Your Arms & Legs At Home

Next, try a single leg crossover by balancing on one leg, and then leaning all the way forward and touching your toe with the opposite hand. This exercise is a great one for your glutes, hamstrings, lower back, and for balance and coordination. I love to do this exercise while holding a weight in my hand for added difficulty. Believe me, you’ll feel the burn!

Another great exercise Latreal demonstrated was the tricep push-up. Get down on your knees and go into a push-up position. Form a triangle with your hands on the floor and lower down, creating a 45-degree angle with your arms. If you need to, you can do this exercise with your knees on the ground. This is a good one for your arms, chest, and your core.


The Drs: Body Weight Exercises

Latreal then showed how to do a saw plank. Start by lowering down onto the floor and creating a flat line with your body while holding yourself up on your forearms and toes. Hold you stomach in tight and then rock forward and backward, as if your body is a saw.

You can then go into the swimmers exercise. Lay flat on your stomach and bring your arms out in front of you as if you’re about to do a swimming stroke. Bring your arms all the way back and down to your sides, and then back up above your head. Try to do 15 repetitions of each exercise, but for the swimmers exercise, try to do 25 without laying your arms down in between.

Will you be trying these at-home exercises? Do you have any other go-to body weight exercises you love to do?


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