The Doctors: Aqualillies Synchronized Swimming & Venus Freeze Review


The Doctors: Bicycling All Year Long is a Healthy Habit

This episode of The Doctors was all about summertime health habits that you should do all year long. Healthy Habit #1 was bicycle year round. Also check out Aqualillies Synchronized Swimming and the Venus Freeze review from this segment.

Dr. Travis Stork and Dr. Jim Sears opened up The Doctors by riding stationary bikes. Dr. Stork said that riding mountain bikes is one of their favorite summer activities, and with stationary bikes, it turns into something you can do no matter the weather.


The bikes that the doctors were riding had screens on them with simulators that showed an outdoor scene. The doctors could actually see the path they were riding down which helped make it seem more like they were outside. I’ve actually used a stationary bike with this feature before and it’s pretty neat! The one I used let you customize your scenery.

The Doctors: Biking Controls Weight and Depression

The Doctors: Aqualillies Synchronized Swimming & Venus Freeze Review

Biking and synchronized swimming are two summertime workouts that you can participate in all year long. The Doctors shared a Venus Freeze review of the non-invasive weight loss solution.

Dr. Stork kept crashing his simulated character and at one point fell off the bike. Luckily, when you fall off a bike in a computer-generated world, you don’t break any bones.


Dr. Lisa Masterson told the audience that it wasn’t all about the boys. She whipped off her dress to reveal workout clothes underneath, and hopped on the bike. She faced off against Dr. Andrew Ordon.

This would also be a great way to get video game obsessed teenage boys to work out because you have to control your bike character in a similar way to a video game person.

Dr. Stork said that people who bike every day are more likely to be at their normal body weight and less likely to have cardiovascular disease. You can even reduce your risk for depression.

The Doctors: Aqualillies Synchronized Swimming Cardio Workout

Healthy Habit #2 was swim year round. The Doctors featured the Aqualillies, a synchronized swimming company that performs at parties and events. Synchronized swimming is a great workout for your core, and is great cardio.

Dr. Sears joined the Aqualillies for an informative lesson. He learned the eggbeater kick, which is how synchronized swimmers support themselves, and the standard scull, which is a way to float horizontally on the water.

Dr. Sears said that it was a killer workout, with aerobics and muscle building involved. He said that the best thing about swimming is that when summer is over, you can just find an indoor pool.

The Doctors: Venus Freeze Review

Healthy Habit #3 was tighten that tummy. The Doctors’ next guest was Jennifer. Jennifer competed in swimsuit competitions in high school, but after having a baby, she can’t get her stomach back to what it used to be. She said she’s now uncomfortable in bikinis.

Dr. Ordon perfomed the Venus Freeze treatment on Jennifer. This non-invasive treatment improves cellulite, tightens skin and reduces volume of your fat tissue. To get the best results, you need six to 10 treatments.

The Venus Freeze uses heat and a magnetic pulse. Jennifer said that it felt nice. It’s a subtle way to make a difference without surgery.


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