The Doctors: AquaBells Water Travel Weights & Sumo Wrestling


The Doctors: Snowga

If you enjoy skiing or other outdoor activities in the winter, you may also like Snowga, which is a trendy portmanteau of Snow and Yoga. Engaging your core before heavy exercise like skiing can help you with flexibility and prevent injury.

The Drs: Snow Yoga

Yoga is a great way to enhance your athletic abilities while making yourself more limber. I’d be afraid of standing too long in a Snowga pose and getting frozen stiff, but if you want to find out more, the website is


The Doctors Snowga Snow Yoga

Doing yoga in the snow can give you energy and flexibility for other winter sports.

The Drs: AquaBells Review

Dr. Travis Stork demonstrated the AquaBells Travel Weights. They are deflatable weights that are perfect for businesspeople who are constantly on the go. You simply fill them with water at your hotel, and the amount of water you fill them with determines their weight. They collapse and fit into your suitcase.

They are also great for the pool, and they have a maximum resistance of 16 pounds. You can click here to purchase your own AquaBells Travel Weights for your next business trip or vacation.


The Doctors: Sumo Wrestling Workout

Anyone can do Sumo Wrestling, and you don’t have to be a heavyweight to do it. Dr. Andrew Ordon and Dr. Jim Sears went outside the studio to demonstrate a modern twist on the ancient tradition of Sumo Wrestling. In Sumo Wrestling, the goal is to get your opponent to step outside the ring, using your body weight as leverage.

Sumo Wrestling suits can be used as a creative, fun approach to exercise. First, The Doctors practiced the ancient custom of tossing salt into the ring. Then Dr. Sears and Dr. Ordon were off, slamming into one another and rolling around the mat in their oversize suits.

The Drs: Sumo Wrestling & Weight Loss

It looks like it might be a challenge to maneuver in those oversize suits, but The Doctors appeared to have a blast during their workout, whether or not they were able to stand up. Dr. Travis recommended staying hydrated because it gets hot in those suits.

You can learn more about the Sumo Wrestling Workout at or by checking with a local party company in your area.


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