The Doctors: Aqua Zumba with Maria Browning


The Doctors: Zumba Fitness Craze

Zumba is a Colombian dance-fitness program first developed in the 1990s that has recently enjoyed a surge of popularity. Zumba is fun and highly effective, getting your heart pumping to the beat of exciting Latin dance rhythms. However for some, Zumba’s fast pace can make it difficult to perform.

Dr Sears has even tried Zumba on The Doctors stage– Dr Stork referred to him as the show’s “resident Zumba expert!” Therefore, who better than to try out the latest healthy Zumba craze that is also lower impact on the body. On The Doctors August 24, Dr Sears was joined by Zumba expert Maria Browning at the pool to try out Aqua Zumba for the first time.


Aqua Zumba The Doctors August 14

Dr Sears tried Aqua Zumba on The Doctors August 14, a great workout that is low impact.

The Doctors: Dr Sears Tries Aqua Zumba

Before hitting the pool, Maria Browning explained that Aqua Zumba adapts the same latin rhythms of Zumba to water, creating a fun workout that is easier on the body. It is also great for someone who has injuries or is recovering from an injury. If you have sore joints, a bad back, or knee problems, you can still perform all of the Zumba moves right in the water. The water also acts as great resistance. And don’t worry– you will still burn tons of calories with Aqua Zumba.

Dr Sears had all of the Zumba moves down pat, and seemed to be moving effortlessly in the water. Aqua Zumba is also a great exercise to try if you’ve always wanted to take a dance class, but might be a little embarrassed; under the water, no one can really tell if you don’t have any rhythm! Dr Sears didn’t seem to mind one bit, as he was surrounded by a group of lovely ladies during the class.





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