The Doctors: Andy Barron Weight Loss & How To Reduce Medical Bills


The Doctors: Foster the People Weight Loss Challenge

Several months ago, The Doctors shared the story of Andy Barron and the Foster the People weight loss challenge. Andy, a 29-year-old photographer, had toured with rock band Foster the People for about a year. One night, lead singer Mark Foster issued a challenge to his overweight friend: if he could lose 80 pounds in eight months, Andy would receive $20,000.

The Doctors joined in on Andy’s weight loss journey and set him up with a nutritionist and a physical at the California Health and Longevity institute. After having his body composition measured and his reflexes tested, among other things, Andy met with nutritionist Paulette Lambert.


The Doctors: Andy Barron Weight Loss & How To Reduce Medical Bills

Andy Barron appeared for a Foster the People weight loss challenge update and The Doctors shared tips for reducing medical bills.

Paulette described the “plate method” to Andy. This means that one plate, therefore, one meal, should consist of half fruits and veggies, a quarter lean meat or protein, and a quarter carbohydrates. This diet, along with rigorous exercise, has helped Andy drop 58 pounds so far.


The Drs: Andy Barron Weight Loss

Andy joined Dr. Travis Stork on state looking very slim and fit. He revealed that he’s feeling good and also has a lot more energy than he used to. There’s no secret to his weight loss success other than diet, exercise and a little help from Reebok Crossfit.

The Doctors: Reebok Crossfit

Ron Matthews, co-owner of Reebok Crossfit Lab in Los Angeles, appeared to explain how this fitness program works. Reebok Crossfit consists of “constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.” This includes burpees with lateral jumps and a squat move called “The Thruster.” This program can burn 750+ calories per hour.

To help Andy continue his weight loss journey, Reebok Crossfit provided him with an entire year of training. With 22 pounds to go, Andy’s deadline is looming, but he’s definitely feeling optimistic about meeting his goal.

The Drs TV: Family Fitness Challenge

However, it’s not just Andy that’s working hard to get healthy. The Doctors have teamed up with USA Today and USA Weekend and launched the Family Fitness Challenge, aimed at reversing the trend of diabetes in America.

All across the country, families are working hard to eat better, exercise and lose weight. Best of all, they’ve all lost weight already and aren’t stopping yet. You can join the Reese Family, Hegseth Family, Stewart Family and the Moore Family on their journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

The Doctors: How to Reduce Medical Bills

Finally, The Doctors shared information on how to reduce medical bills. Did you know that medical bills are a leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States? Here are The Doctors’ top five tips on fighting claim denials.

  1. Get a copy of the policy from your insurance company.
  2. Get a reason for the denial in writing.
  3. Ask your doctors for help, such as a letter stating why the treatment was necessary.
  4. File a written appeal including medical records and test results.
  5. Call to follow up.


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