The Doctors: Alarm Clock Makes You Fat & Flats Vs Heels Burn Calories


The Doctors: Surprising Stuff That Makes You Fat

The Doctors kicked off their show with four covered plates of things that help you pack on the pounds. These were things that you would never expect to relate to weight gain. Before the show began, Dr. Travis Stork polled the audience and asked, “Which of these three items in your morning routine could be making it more difficult to lose weight? A) Sunlight B) Alarm Clock C) Mattress.”

62% of the audience thought the answer was C, but Dr. Andrew Ordon revealed that the correct choice was B.


The Doctors: Alarm Clocks Weight Gain & Social Jet Lag

The Doctors: Alarm Clock Makes You Fat & Flats Vs Heels Burn Calories

You might think wearing heels looks good, but they can make you fat. High heels make you walk slower and burn fewer calories.

Scientists say that we are suffering from social jet lag–we’re waking up early, working long hours under artificial light and staying active at night. All this activity confuses our bodies into craving more sugary and fattening foods. Social jetlag doesn’t go away over time–we just keep eating and gaining weight.

According to Dr. Stork, we do not use our alarm clocks correctly at all. If you’re not using your body’s own natural alarm clock most days, you probably are sleep deprived.


The Doctors: Get on a Sleep Schedule

When you’re sleep deprived, over time you will have changes in hormones in your brain.  The more Ghrelin in your brain, the more hungry you are. Leptin is what makes you feel full, so you want more Leptin and less Ghrelin.

If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you’ll have more Ghrelin, which leads to you feeling hungrier and hungrier, which leads to you eating more and makes you fat. If you’re constantly interrupting your body’s natural alarm clock, you will weigh more.

Dr. Stork said that if you go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning, you can actually lose weight. Personally, I always go to bed at 11 and wake up at 7. Do you stick to a sleep schedule?

The Doctors: Short, Wide Glasses Hold More Calories

The Doctors revealed the second thing that’s making us fat – a 16 oz. glass of juice. The juice, which was cranberry, was loaded with calories. The glass looked like a stemless wine glass.

A study from Everyday Health magazine showed that you’re more likely to consume 25-30% more of these juices if you drink from a short, wide glass, compared to a tall glass. You would think that the short glass holds less, but as the doctors demonstrated, it actually holds more.

The Doctors: High Heels Make You Walk Slower

Dr. Lisa Masterson’s heart was broken when she revealed the third thing making us fat: high heels. She said she adores her heels, much like many other women (not this girl).

A University of Wisconsin study found that women in heels walk more slowly than women in flats, which decreased the daily calorie burn. Heel wearers had a five pound weight gain over the course of the year.

Dr. Masterson suggested wearing low-heel pumps or flats. You might want to put an orthotic in your flats because they don’t have a lot of arch support. She also has a shoe line out called Therafit by Dr. Lisa, that she said inspires women to move more and be more active.

The lucky audience members each got to take home a pair of Dr. Masterson’s shoes.

The Doctors: Do Leggings Make You Fat?

A viewer sent in a video and asked if leggings make you fat. I hoped the answer was no because I’m wearing some right now, but unfortunately they were the last item under the doctors’ covered plates.

Apparently, researchers claim leggings make your muscles lazy which can lead to a flabby stomach and wobbly legs. The theory is that leggings hold up parts of you that your muscles are supposed to, and in turn your muscles don’t do their job.

Dr. Stork said that in his opinion they do not make you fat, and that you should keep wearing them.


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