Drs TV Sky Burn Trampoline Workout Review – High Intensity, Low Impact


The Doctors: Sky Burn Trampoline Workout Review

It is about to be bikini season all across America and many people are either happy about that fact or disappointed because they have to get back in shape. If you are in the latter category, then you might want to try the Sky Burn Workout.

Dr. Jim Sears headed to Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park to give the exercise a try.


The Sky Burn Trampoline workout is a high intensity, low impact workout that is done in trampoline parks all across the country. One of the trainers working with Dr. Sears said they have had professional athletes and professional fighters use this workout to get in shape. While that makes it sound difficult  the trainer also said kids as young as five years old have participated in his hourlong workouts.

Drs TV Sky Burn Trampoline Workout Review - High Intensity, Low Impact

Dr. Jim Sears tried out the Sky Burn Workout, a trampoline workout that is high intensity and low impact, making it great for people with arthritis.

Dr. Sears said one of the hardest exercises during the workout was called shake it out. This is where you stand with your legs apart, bend your knees a little and then bounce up and down really fast without letting your legs leave the ground. Dr. Sears said this was the hardest exercise for him because he was using so many different muscles to balance himself as well as using other muscles for the actually exercise.


Sky Burn Workout – High Intensity, Low Impact

A University of Utah study found the maximum force of working out on a trampoline to be only 1/6 of what it would be if the person was exercising on a wooden floor. They also found that the trampoline absorbs up to 87 percent of the shock.

The Doctors all agreed this was an excellent workout for anyone with knee problems or arthritis. Besides just being a great low impact workout, The Doctors said it is also great for burning a lot of calories since your are using so many stabilizing muscles to keep your balance while working out.

Trampoline Safety Tips

The Doctors want everyone to be safe so they came up with these trampoline safety tips for anyone who wants to try the Sky Burn Workout:

  • Always do the exercises as part of a class at a trampoline park.
  • Find a trainer who has been doing the exercises for a while so you know you are in good hands.



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