Drs: Poop Pills For Weight Loss + Do You Really Need To Detox?


The Doctors: Freeze-Dried Poop Pills To Lose Weight

We all know that people will go to extremes to lose weight, but a clinical trial at Massachusetts General Hospital will start with 20 obese patients taking capsules filled with freeze-dried human feces. The idea is to replace the patient’s intestinal microbes with those of a thinner donor. Changing the gut could affect weight and previous research took twin mice of different sizes and transplanted their microbes into other mice, finding that the ones who received microbes from the obese mice, grew larger. So would you be willing to literally take poop pills to lose weight?


The Doctors explained that there actually is a lot of good research done on the bacteria in our guts. Although it’s still in clinical trial stage, Dr Travis Stork truly believes it can work and will become a more popular treatment. Gut health is known to affect weight which is why it’s important to have the right bacteria in your digestive system. But heaven forbid, do not go and try to do this on your own. The pill the patients are taking was put together in a specific way to make sure it was done cleanly. Eating poop of a skinny person is not the same thing.

Drs: Poop Pills For Weight Loss + Do You Really Need To Detox?

Would you take a pill filled with freeze-dried poop if it meant losing weight? The Doctors say it could be the future! (cogdog / Flickr)


The Doctors: The Truth About Detoxes

The Doctors then moved on to explain that most detoxes are bogus. Many people are led to believe that they’re full of toxins and need to detox. For the most part, detox is a marketing term. Sometimes a detox is necessary, such as if you have heavy metals in your system, but your liver and kidneys do a great job of detoxing your body on their own. When detoxes are costing hundreds of dollars for just a couple days, it’s likely a waste of money. The key is that if you try to live in a healthy way, you really shouldn’t need to detox. Dr Rachael Ross knows that after some people over-do eating or drinking, they feel like they need to detox.

Detoxes or cleanses aren’t necessarily bad, it’s just when the words are attached to a product that is basically scamming you when you could cleanse your system in a better way.

The Doctors: Hindered Driving From Dehydration

The Doctors switched gears again to report that DWD or driving while dehydrated could be just as bad as driving under the influence. While Dr Travis said flat-out “I don’t buy this,” a new study published in the “Journal of Physiology and Behavior” found that people made the same number of mistakes while driving when they were dehydrated. You would have to be severely dehydrated to achieve those effects. But it’s certainly yet another reason to drink more water. If you start to get a small headache or notice that you’re thirsty, drink more water! Plus, sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger!

The Doctors: Soccer Ball-Sized Hernia

At the end of the segment, The Doctors shared a photo of a man’s stomach with a large mass bulging out of it. Dr Travis explained that it wasn’t a tumor, it wasn’t cancer, but was actually a severe hernia. After a bowl cancel surgery, the patient, who is from the U.K., was left with a huge bulge following complications. It was so large that he was even accused of shoplifting! It’s unusual that it’s not repaired, and Dr Rachael said it reminded her of when she was working in the prison system, because she saw a lot of hernias that size. Usually she would recommend a binder because, interestingly, the smaller ones tend to be the worst ones. A hernia is usually just a weakness in the abdominal wall. Ultimately he got the surgery he needed and had a good outcome.


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