The Drs: Hollywood Makeover After 135-Pound Weight Loss


The Drs: Dramatic Weight Loss For New Mom

The Drs: Hollywood Makeover After 135 Pound Weight Loss

The Doctors treated a woman to a Hollywood makeover after she lost 135 pounds. (marekuliasz / Shutterstock)

One woman shared on The Doctors that she put on weight in junior high, and from age 14 to 18 she gained 80 pounds. She told herself all kinds of negative things and tried to compensate by being the funny girl. In high school she was voted Most Huggable. She was at her heaviest right after high school, when she weighed 270. She saw the health problems her mom had, including liver damage from untreated type-2 diabetes. She realized that could happen to her so she knew she had to make a change. She lost 20 pounds just by giving up soda and then gave up fried foods.


She was in the process of losing weight when she met her fiance, and was 22 years old when she got pregnant. She gained 80 pounds during her pregnancy and used it as an excuse to lose control. She wants to be an example for her son, so six months after she gave birth, she decided to make the change again.

Her name is Chelsea and she has since lost half her body weight. Chelsea was backstage with Lawrence Zarian, a lifestyle expert, who explained that Chelsea is such an inspiration so they wanted to give her the makeover of a lifetime. “This girl’s on fire!” Lawrence said.


The Drs: Makeover After Weight Loss

Chelsea now weighs half of what she did at her heaviest, and The Doctors couldn’t wait any longer to see her after her Hollywood makeover. They showed what she used to look like and then had her join them on the show. She looked thin, beautiful, and most importantly, incredibly happy.

Chelsea said the key for her was finding an exercise which she enjoyed, which was dancing. She said she would wait until no one was home and turn the music up and dance. The Doctors then played some music and watched as she shook it on stage, even getting a celebratory dip from Lawrence Zarian.

The Drs: Weight Loss Makeover Results

He explained that they gave Chelsea some volume in her hair and some light, fresh makeup. She was also wearing a dress that accentuated her curves and showed that she could feel beautiful. Chelsea shared that she has excess skin her abdominal area. Dr Ryan Diederich, a plastic surgeon, said that he was inspired by Chelsea’s story, so he wanted to help her by giving her a tummy tuck and breast lift. Chelsea said she never thought that could happen to her and she was so thankful.


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