The Drs: Father’s Incredible 300 Pound Weight Loss + Excess Skin

The Doctors: Weight Gain Brings Father Close To Death

Zach introduced himself and explained that when he and his wife Amber met, they were healthy. But nine years ago, he took a desk job and began eating a lot more fast food. Around that time, Amber got pregnant and noticed Zach beginning to eat a lot more. By the time his son was born, Zach’s weight had doubled and he’d reached 300 pounds. Zach kept gaining more weight, eating an absurd amount of food in one sitting. At one point, there wasn’t a scale in his hospital that went over 400 pounds, so he had to walk be weighed on the trash chute. Zach tried over-the-counter diet pills but they didn’t work, and because his stomach was so large, it kept him from being able to play with his son. He had sleep apnea and Amber was so worried that she would wake up to find Zach dead.

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