Drs: Desperate To Save Obese Son + Living With Loose Skin


The Doctors: Mom Desperate To Help Obese Son

About 15 years ago, complications from weight loss surgery left Nancy without a husband and her son Rob without a father. As time went on, both used food to cope with their loss. While Nancy went on her own weight loss journey, her son has become morbidly obese. Nancy and her husband were married for almost 25 years, and her husband was overweight so he decided to undergo gastric bypass. He got the surgery on a Friday and was supposed to come home on Monday, but that Sunday he got a blood clot and went into septic shock. He passed away a week later.


Rob, Nancy’s son, has gained 300 pounds since her husband’s death. Rob admitted to being super depressed because his father was his best friend. Nancy had gained 63 pounds and wanted to set an example for her son, so she’s since lost most of the weight she gained. Rob was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and is now on medication. Rob said his mom was severely restricting calories and said “there’s no way” he could do what she did.

Drs: Desperate To Save Obese Son + Living With Loose Skin

The Doctors heard from a mom who is desperate to save her morbidly obese mom, and had a special surprise for her. (jeffdjevdet / Flickr)

Rob never wants to talk about his weight and admitted he felt like he was at a point of no return.


The Doctors: Diabetic & Morbidly Obese

Rob and his mom Nancy joined The Doctors, as well as author of “The Diabetes Solution” Dr Jorge Rodriguez. Nancy said she was scared for her morbidly obese son, and Dr Rodriguez said Rob first has to be honest with himself about what he’s eating and understand that he certainly doesn’t have to starve himself to lose weight. Dr Travis Stork thought there was an element of defiance for Rob, who admitted that he doesn’t want to hear about his weight from his mom. Rob said he certainly wants to lose weight, he just doesn’t know here to start. He’s absolutely terrified of weight loss surgery, because of what happened to his dad.

The Doctors: Help For Morbidly Obese Man Wanting To Lose Weight

Dr Rodriguez offered Rob his services as well as the services of a dietitian, to coach him and give him the information and support he needs on a weekly basis. Dr Caroline Cederquist from Bistro MD, explained that Bistro MD is a home diet delivery program designed to balance blood sugar while losing fat without losing muscle. She offered a 6-month supply of Bistro MD if Rob was willing. Beaumont weight center offered a program including exercise psychologists and physicians to help him get his life on track. Rob agreed to get started that day.

The Doctors: Surprise For Mom With Loose Skin After Weight Loss

The Doctors then turned to Nancy and congratulated her on her weight loss. But after her dramatic weight loss, Nancy was left with a large amount of excess skin, which is why she went to see board certified plastic surgeon Dr Tony Youn to see what he could do. She had two segments of large, overhanging skin on her stomach. The only way to get rid of it was to do a tummy tuck. First, they performed an ultrasound to make sure she was safe to undergo surgery.

Dr Youn explained that it’s about a 3-4 hour operation and said Nancy probably has the second-most amount of skin he’s seen on a patient in all of his years of practice. Nancy’s cardiologist actually asked Dr Youn to perform the procedure because she will be able to exercise and become even healthier afterward. Dr Youn then surprised Nancy by offering to do her surgery for free. Nancy was brought to tears, and was so grateful to The Doctors for their help.


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