Drs: At-Home Weight Lifting + Barramundi & Kaniwa Super Foods


The Drs: Lift Heavy To Look Light

Drs: At-Home Weight Lifting + Barramundi & Kaniwa Super Foods

The Doctors shared some easy at-home exercises to do if you want to lose weight. (elliottcable / flickr)

The Doctors shared that lifting weights can be intimidating for some women, but according to fitness expert Lauren Gleisberg, you have to lift heavy to look light. Lauren said for her, it’s really about confidence: being able to go to the gym, perform workouts and weight training, get out and feel confident in your life.


Lauren explained that she offers downloadable workout programs that you can take with you to the gym. She offers them on her website to help women feel more confident about exercise.

The Drs: Easy At-Home Exercises

Lauren started with beginner movements like a high five. Start by standing in front a barbell. Then squat down, grab the bar, and stand up straight, performing a deadlift. Then “row upward,” pulling the bar to your chest. Press the bar overhead before bringing it back down and then down to your shins again. It’s a move that is great for the entire body.

You can then grab some dumbbells and do the cheerleader movement. Hold the dumbbells at your shoulders and then squat down, before standing back up and pressing the dumbbells over your head. Dr Jennifer Ashton explained that if you lift weights, you will not get bulky. As you age, you need to lift weights to prevent the signs of aging!


Finally, use a kettle bell and start off in a lunge position, while holding the empty hand straight out to your side. Then pull the kettle bell toward your core while holding the lunge position, but rising slightly.

The Drs: Kaniwa Instead Of Quinoa

The Doctors then shared that for National Women’s Health Week, they were teaming up with Women’s Health magazine to share some great tips for boosting your overall health. Deputy editor Sascha de Gersdorff joined the show yet again, this time to share how you can swap out your super foods.

Quinoa is a great healthy super food, but Sascha said there’s a new quinoa in town. It’s called Kaniwa and it’s the sweeter, smaller, nuttier relative to quinoa. It has more iron and the prep is easier.

The Drs: Barramundi & Zucchini Noodles

Another great swap is to eat barramundi instead of sea bass because it has zero mercury. It has a mild, meaty taste to it and contains a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids.

Lastly, instead of noodles, you can eat zucchini noodles. Just use a spiralizer, put some zucchini through it, and use it just like you would pasta. Zucchini noodles have 90% less calories than whole wheat noodles and are low-carb. Plus, they have 20 grams of Vitamin C per serving, whereas whole wheat noodles have none.

Which of these new, healthier super foods will you add to your diet? Have you already tried any of them? If so, what did you think?


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