The Doctors: Woman’s 120 Pound Weight Loss + Dad’s Intervention


The Doctors: Woman’s 120 Pound Weight Loss

The Doctors kicked off their show by taking a closer look at the story of a woman named Shanna who had struggled with her weight all her life. At one point she even considered gaining weight to qualify for lap band surgery. But instead of going the unhealthy route, Shanna decided to try something different.

The Doctors: Woman's 120 Pound Weight Loss + Dad's Intervention

One woman shared her 120-pound weight loss journey and then held a weight loss intervention for her dad. (Seanika /


First, Shanna shared her story. She said she could remember being in fourth grade and weighing 140-150 pounds. She said she was addicted to the wrong kind of foods and it was a family thing. She said she was the biggest girl on the drill team and was always self conscious. When she turned 25, she realized she was not living the life a 25-year-old should be living.

She said she hung out at her house on the weekends, wearing a moo-moo. She even said “food was my boyfriend.” At her heaviest, she was 270 pounds, which was two and a half years ago. The first thing Shanna did to lose weight was go to a weight loss clinic and then she followed their book called The New Lean For Life. She said that helped her stay on track, and although it took her a year and a half, she lost 120 pounds.

The Drs TV: Protein-Based Diet Helps Woman Lose 120 Pounds

Shanna said she feels better than ever after her weight loss, and she joined The Doctors on stage to show off her incredible post-weight loss body. Dr. Rachael Ross said that Shanna was a true testament to what hard work can do. Dr. Travis Stork said her pictures don’t even do her justice. Shanna looks absolutely amazing!


Shanna explained that she first changed her diet to a protein-based diet, and then incorporating fruits and vegetables. She said she really watched her carbohydrate intake and then slowly incorporated the exercise into her routine, starting at 15 minutes and then working her way up to the now hour and a half that she does.

Dr. Stork said she changed her “vicious cycle of poor health into a virtuous cycle of good health.” Shanna then explained that she wasn’t only on the show to flaunt her good health, she also came to the show for her dad.

The Doctors: Weight Loss Intervention

Shanna shared that her best friend from high school lost her dad to a heart attack. She said she would be devastated if the same thing happened to her. She said she loves her dad very much but she is worried that if he continues down the path he is on, she won’t have many more memories with him. She asked him to commit to get healthy so that he could live a long happy life.

It was an emotional plea that had not only Shanna in tears, but her dad as well. Shanna’s dad Bob, joined her on stage. Bob said that he had the lap band surgery and lost 80 pounds after hitting 364 pounds. He said he’s halfway and needs to keep going and use the tools that he’s been given.

Bob said he’s been exercising but after losing 80 pounds, had a 10-pound gain and then maintained since. Dr. Ross pointed out how during an interview, Bob said he weighed around 280-290 pounds, which was “not too bad” but then said to The Doctors that he was still 100 pounds over a “normal weight” for someone his size.

The Drs TV: Daughter’s Weight Loss Intervention For Dad

Shanna said her mom Carolyn was also worried about Bob because of his blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obstructive sleep apnea, which are all related to weight. Dr. Stork said they’re less concerned about the number and more about his overall health. Dr. Stork pointed out that Bob carries a lot of extra weight around his abdomen, where all the pro-inflammatory fat lives.

Dr. Stork said if Bob can get back on the journey with his daughter, and even just take off 10% of his weight, he could greatly reduce his risk of diabetes, having a heart attack, stroke, and other things that cut our lives short.

Shanna explained that she and her dad used to bond over food, and Dr. Stork said they still can do that. “Food can be your medicine or your poison.”

Dr. Stork gave him information from The Doctor’s Diet to help him on his journey to better health. Dr. Ross also shared that they wanted to help him stay extra motivated so John Agbelusi from Get Cut Fitness was going to help Bob through a 12 week fitness program for free. Bob said he was ready!


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