Chocolate Cake Weight Loss Diet & Student Obesity: The Doctors


The Doctors: Shrinking Your Waistline

We all want to lose a few pounds, but how can you find a plan that works and make it a part of your lifestyle? The Doctors shared secrets to shrinking your waistline for good on their show. But first, they tackled a surprising study that recommends Chocolate Cake for Breakfast, and the growing problem of Student Obesity.

There are so many different type of diet plans out there, from the Blood Type Diet to the Cookie Diet (I’d try that one for sure). Product likes Protein Powder and weight loss shakes cause different results for different people. But the consensus is that there has got to be a straightforward way to make progress.


The Drs: Chocolate Cake Weight Loss

Chocolate Cake Weight Loss: The Doctors

The Doctors talked about the Chocolate Cake Weight Loss diet. Find out how dessert in a high calorie breakfast can help you lose weight.

Dr Travis Stork reported the results of a study that recommends eating dessert for breakfast. According to the findings, those who ate Chocolate Cake at breakfast lost more weight than people who did not.

But before you start baking, The Doctors looked a little closer at this study, which followed “clinically obese patients.” The biggest difference between the two groups was that those who saw Chocolate Cake weight loss results were eating twice as many calories at breakfast as the other group, a part of which was this dessert for breakfast.


The Doctors: High Vs Low Calorie Breakfast

Dr Jim Sears said that a high calorie breakfast makes us less hungry throughout the day, and therefore more likely to lose weight over the long term. Don’t deprive yourself, or you’ll end up binging on junk as you snack throughout the day.

“It’s not even always what you’re eating…it’s how much of it you’re eating,” Dr Travis said, noting that starving yourself will slow your metabolism to a halt, until you snap and scarf down snacks. He said you should give in to your cravings, which can include Chocolate Cake for breakfast, if it keeps you from going nuts on snacks later on.

Dr Travis suggested eggs for breakfast, which are nutrient rich and high in protein. Other breakfast menu recommendations included fresh fruit and whole grain toast. Dr Jim said that a healthy breakfast has been tied to better school attendance and academic performance for children.

The Drs: Childhood Obesity & Education

One in three American children are overweight, and this is actually having a major impact on our educational system. Schools are forced to buy larger desks to accommodate their heavier students. Additionally, chairs designed for middle school or high school kids are being used earlier because of students’ growing size.

Furniture companies are reporting that bigger desks are selling better over the last five years. The Doctors brought some student desks onstage to show how the sizes have changed in recent years.

The Drs: Obese Student Desks Vs Standing In Class

The larger desks have 6” of extra leg room and 7” more space between the seat and the stomach. Dr Jim Sears said that the growth charts pediatricians have used for years no longer apply, because so many children are obese these days.

Dr Travis Stork said that he thinks elevated desks and students standing half the day are the wave of the future. The other doctors agreed that this may not be far off.

“The human body is just not designed to sit at a desk or behind a computer for that long every day,” Dr Jim Sears said, noting an innovative East Coast school that gives its lessons and lectures to students while walking around the campus. It’s led to a decrease in obesity and ADHD, as well as improved focus for kids.


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