The Doctors: Twins, Gene Mapping & Safe Home Treatments


The Doctors: March 6 2012

The Doctors love to talk about all the latest advances in medical technology and research. They are often spotlighting new procedures and treatments, as well as the often surprising findings of the latest research studies.

They are planning to share another exciting story that exemplifies the cutting edge of medicine. On the March 6 2012 episode, The Doctors will share the amazing story of infant twins whose inaccurate diagnosis almost killed them.


Find out how the medical advances in gene mapping helped doctors figure out what was really going on, and what to do about it. That story and much more are coming up on The Doctors.

The Drs: Twins Gene Mapping

The Doctors will learn about the story of misdiagnosed twins and the gene mapping innovation that saved their lives. Plus, the latest health cures & treatments.

The Drs: Safe Home Treatments

There are lots of supplements, solutions, and over the counter treatments on the market today. With the rising popularity and availability of Internet access, we have more medical knowledge and information at our fingertips than ever before in history.


But how can we really know if these homeopathic treatments and procedures are safe and healthy? There are risks and benefits to every approach. For example, Gingo Biloba is a popular supplement, but do you know the potential side effects?

Coming up on the March 6 2012 edition of The Doctors, learn what to know about these types of treatments, and the medical avenues you should pursue to ensure your long lasting health.

The Doctors: Tests, Treatments, and Cures

What medical test, treatment, or advance would change your life? Maybe the answer or solution is just around the corner. With all these amazing advances in technology and medicine, you never know what physicians and researchers are going to come out with next.

Find out what The Doctors are recommending and learning about when they share new treatments and cures, as well as tests to catch problems early. These solutions could change your life or help someone you love.

That is all coming up on the March 6 2012 episode of The Doctors. Watch the show and then log on to Recapo to get all the information and details about what you heard.


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