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The Doctors: Side Effects

How much time do you spend considering the side effects of a treatment or medication? You may want to think twice before committing to something.

On the next episode of The Doctors, airing March 12 2012, you will get some food for thought as the physicians tackle the question, “Are the side effects worth the treatment?”


The Doctors March 12 2012

The Doctors will investigate whether side effects of pills & procedures are worth the risk, on the March 12 2012 episode.

The Drs: Are Side Effects Worth The Risk?

From fad diets and workouts that could have serious physiological consequences to miracle cures and pills that promise unrealistic results for your waistline or overall health, do you really know what you’re getting into?

Marketing in America being what it is, it can be hard to get straight answers about your health. You can always seek medical advice on your own, or learn new things from The Doctors to ask your primary care physician or health provider about.


The Drs TV: Weight Loss Horror Story

Coming up on a new episode of The Doctors, on March 12 2012, meet a woman whose rapid weight loss was too good to be true. Her symptoms and side effects included serious heart palpitations.

What lengths are we willing to go to in pursuit of a better body? Coming up on the March 12 2012 edition of The Doctors, we’ll find out why taking shortcuts always carries consequences for your health.

Why can’t we all just accept that there is no perfect body, and the only real way to get in shape involves lasting lifestyle changes in diet and exercise?

Tune in Monday, and check Recapo to get the full scoop on everything discussed on the show.

The Doctors: USA Weekend Magazine

The Doctors have a partnership with USA Weekend Magazine. You can see their column this weekend in your local newspaper.

About 30 million Americans suffer from migraines, and symptoms can vary. Did you know that Migraine Headaches can last up to three days? You can learn about common symptoms and treatment in The Doctors USA Weekend Health Smart column this weekend.


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