The Drs: Sangria Foot Fungus Recipe & Athlete’s Foot Menthol Rub


Sangria Foot Soak

Sean from Florida said he has flaky white skin on his toes, and he thinks it may be a fungus. He wanted to know how to get rid of it, and how he got it in the first place. Dr. Travis Stork said foot fungus is caused by Microscopic Dermatophytes, which love warm, wet, dark places, like socks and shoes. Diabetes, Psoriasis, and poor circulation can contribute to your likelihood of developing foot fungus.

The Doctors: Sangria Foot Fungus Recipe

You can treat your foot fungus at home using a Sangria Foot Soak made of white wine & citrus fruits.


Foot Fugus can start with a yellow or white spot at the end of the toenail. As it spreads, it can develop into Athlete’s Foot. It can lead to your toenail separating, if untreated.

Athlete’s Foot Menthol Rub

Over The Counter medication can treat Athlete’s Foot, but if you’ve had foot fungus for awhile, you will probably need to take prescription medication to clear up the fungus.

Menthol rub can also help treat foot fungus, because it can soften the nail. But you shouldn’t use it for more than a few days, because it can actually cause the nail to fall off.


See a dermatologist if you are concerned about your foot fungus.

Sangria Foot Fungus Treatment Recipe

Dr. Andrew Ordon shared a creative way to treat Foot Fungus. It uses White Wine & Citrus Fruits to combat Foot Fungus. Alcohol is antiseptic and an anti-inflammatory. Fungus doesn’t like the acids found in citrus fruits and juices.


  • 2 bottles Sauvignon Blanc or other White Wine
  • 1 gallon of any combination of Lemon Juice, Lime Juice, or Orange Juice
  • Sliced Fresh Citrus Fruit to garnish, optional


  1. In a foot bath or large bucket, combine wine and juices, adding fresh fruit slices if you like.
  2. Soak your feet in the sangria mixture for 15 minutes, or as long as you are comfortable.

Warning: The Doctors made it clear that you won’t want to drink this sangria after bathing your feet in it.



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      Hi Denice.

      I’m not a doctor, and this is not medical advice, but typically you want to use a footbath for 15 to 20 minutes.

      As for how often you should use the sangria recipe, the specific recipe discussed is for foot fungus. If one treatment doesn’t seem to help your fungus, you would probably want to discuss it with your doctor before trying again.

      Thanks for reading!

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