The Doctors: Tennis Ball Headache Remedy With No Medication


The Doctors: Chronic Pain

Dr. Travis Stork said Chronic Pain is something you want to work with your doctor to prevent or end. The Doctors threw around a lot of statistics, suggesting that hundreds of millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain and illness. I guess this means that many sufferers have multiple pains and ailments affecting them, probably over the course of a lifetime.

I can attest to the pain and discomfort of dental issues, as Dr. Bill Dorfman mentioned when he shared TMJ Dos & Don’ts. Tooth pain can be excruciating, and it causes other issues like severe headaches.


The Drs: Tennis Ball & Headaches

Could tennis balls be the answer to curing your chronic headaches?

The idea that Stem Cells Can Treat Chronic Pain is exciting, though The Doctors cautioned that it’s still a new treatment that they are learning about as they perform the procedures.

After all the political debate about stem cells in the last decade, it’s interesting to see their miraculous medical applications in action. But it may be a few years before we know what, if any, long term effects are associated with these methods.


The Drs: Tennis Ball Headache Remedy

Dr. Travis Stork said tension headaches are often muscular. On the back of your head at the bottom of your skull is the Occipital Bone. It’s where your neck muscles attach, and it’s a great place to self-massage or get a massage from a friend or romantic partner.

How to Use Tennis Ball for Headache Relief

You can use two tennis balls to get some headache relief.


  • Two Tennis Balls
  • Tape or a Sock
  • Flat Surface


  1. Wrap the balls together using tape, or put them inside a sock.
  2. Lie down on a flat surface and set the tennis balls below your Occipital Bone.
  3. Keep still and breathe for about 10 minutes.

This will help alleviate your muscular tension, which could resolve your headache without the need for medicine.


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