The Doctors: Jeannie Mai Crayon Lipstick Recipe & Diet Drink Lip Gloss


The Doctors: Beauty On a Budget

Studies have shown the average American woman has around $400 worth of beauty products in her makeup bag at all times. The Doctors brought on beauty expert Jeannie Mai to show the audience how they can cut back on the cost of their beauty regimen.

Jeannie Mai: Crayon Lipstick Recipe

Bright lipstick is all the rage this year but it doesn’t mean you have to run to the store to get new lipstick. You can simply make your own with the crayon lipstick recipe below.


The Doctors Crayon Lipstick Ingredients: 

  • Favorite color crayon
  • Shea butter
  • Water
  • Jojoba oil

    The Doctors: Jeannie Mai Crayon Lipstick Recipe & Diet Drink Lip Gloss

    The Doctors went over ways you can save money on beauty products by making your own lipstick with a crayon lipstick recipe and making diet drink lip gloss.

The Doctors Crayon Lipstick Directions:

  • Crush up your crayon into a glass bowl that can be boiled. 
  • Add equal parts jojoba oil and shea butter to the crayon mix.
  • Boil water in a shallow pan with enough water to go up the sides of the glass bowl with the crayon mix inside.
  • When the water boils, place the glass bowl into the water and let the crayon mixture melt, stirring occasional to mix the ingredients.
  • After everything has mixed well, pour into a container to cool.

How To Make Bronzer Using Spices

Bronzer can be really expensive if you buy it at the store, but you can also make you own at home with some spices from the kitchen. All you need is nutmeg, cinnamon and cocoa powder. Mai said to mix all those together and apply with a large brush for a subtle bronze look. It’s also going to make you smell good.


DIY Homemade Eyebrow Pencil

Another product that can be expensive from the store are eyebrow pencils but Mai said you can make them at home very easily. All you need is cocoa powder and coconut oil. Just brush on the cocoa powder over your lashes and if your eyelashes are super thick, use some of the coconut oil to help it set in.

Drink Powder Lip Gloss Recipe

Making your lips glossier is as easy as adding petroleum jelly to your favorite diet drink powder. It will make you lips taste good and it will add some shine to your lips.

Homemade Eye Shadow With Green Tea Powder

If you are trying to get a simple eye shadow, Mai said the cheapest way to get what you want is by using green tea powder. Simply brush it over the eyes for a light green shadow. If you are looking for something darker, trying brushing on cocoa powder.

“These are cheap, affordable and wonderful for our skin,” Dr. Travis Stork said. “They are loaded with antioxidants too.”


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